UMA Tobacco-Free Campus

Supervisor Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2013 the University of Maine at Augusta will join a growing number of employers and institutions of higher education that have adopted a tobacco-free policy. All University faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors, and guests are required to comply with the tobacco-free policy.

The purpose of this document is to familiarize University supervisors and administrators with information about the policy and its enforcement, provide information about available resources, and information about how supervisors can assist any employee who is interested in stopping the use of a tobacco product.

Policy Background

In May, 2012 the University of Maine at Augusta announced its intent to become tobacco-free effective January 1, 2013. The intent of the policy is to promote a culture of health and wellness throughout UMA and to reduce the harm from first, second and third-hand smoke. The University of Maine System is self-insured for health insurance. The policy is intended to help improve the health of University employees which will in turn help contribute to a reduction in the University’s overall health insurance expenses.

The policy prohibits the use of all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. All locations including leased locations that are administered by the University of Maine at Augusta are governed by the tobacco-free policy.   The policy goes into effect on January 1, 2013; and enforcement will begin July 1, 2013. The policy does not prohibit employees from the use of tobacco products but it does prohibit them from using tobacco products anywhere on campus except in their personal vehicle.


The University of Maine at Augusta will make available information and resources to faculty and staff who are interested in discontinuing the use of prohibited tobacco products. The UMA Wellness Committee has information available for anyone who requests assistance.   University supervisors can refer employees who have expressed an interest in quitting to resources such as:

  • UMA Wellness Website
  • Employee Assistant Program
  • Maine Tobacco Hotline

Employees may also be encouraged to contact a member of the UMA Wellness Committee for tobacco cessation information and resources.

Supervisors’ Responsibilities and Policy Enforcement

All University supervisors are required to help enforce the tobacco-free policy with their employees.   Any member of the University community may inform an individual who is observed using a tobacco product in violation of the policy about the University’s tobacco-free policy. Designated members of the administration* and campus Security Guards who observe an employee violating the tobacco-free policy shall remind the employee of the policy and expectation that the employee will conform. The employee’s department head or supervisor should be informed about the conversation so they can discuss policy conformance with their employee.

Due Process

It is important that the University provide alleged violators with due process. Any staff or faculty who violates the UMA tobacco-free policy can be subject to progressive discipline up to and including termination of employment. Prior to imposing any discipline supervisors should consult with the Office of Administrative Services for advice and guidance.

*For the purpose of this policy this is intended to include President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors

Tobacco-Free Supervisors Guidelines