University Of Maine at Augusta
Tobacco Use Policy
Effective January 1, 2013

Policy Purpose

  • Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of death and disease in the U.S. (Federal CDC)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified second-hand smoke as a Class A carcinogen, the most toxic class of chemicals known to cause cancer.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General stated in a 2006 report that there is “no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke.”
  • As an institution of higher learning, UMA has a responsibility to educate and lead on this critical health issue.

The University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) is committed to providing a healthy and productive work and learning environment for the entire campus community.

The purpose of this policy is to reduce harm from tobacco use and second-hand smoke, reduce litter/residue from all tobacco/nicotine products, provide an environment that encourages a tobacco free lifestyle, reduce health care costs, and promote a campus culture of wellness and environmental responsibility.

UMA Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Effective January 1, 2013, UMA became a tobacco-free institution, prohibiting the use of any tobacco or non-FDA approved nicotine product, including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes, on both UMA campuses and at all eight UMA Centers. This policy applies to all fulltime and part-time staff, faculty, students, contractors, vendors, and visitors.


  • The use of all tobacco and non-FDA approved nicotine products such as electronic nicotine devices (e-cigarettes) is prohibited on all campus property owned or leased. This includes in and around all buildings, common areas, and parking lots (unless inside one’s own vehicle).
  • Tobacco use is prohibited in any university owned or leased vehicle, or private vehicle used in the course of work when another employee or student is present.
  • Tobacco use is permitted inside one’s own car on campus property, as long as the windows are rolled up, the cigarette is smoked entirely inside the vehicle, and the cigarette butt is disposed of inside the car.


  • Copies of this policy will be posted in accordance with Maine Law.
  • This policy will be provided on request and included in training manuals, new employee orientation and reinforced/updated annually.
  • This policy will be communicated in appropriate University publications and through internal and external communication vehicles.
  • Appropriate signage will be posted at campus locations.
  • UMA’s policy will be included in UMA vendor contracts.


Policy non-compliance will be handled in the following manners for faculty, staff and students:

The success of this policy will depend upon the courtesy and cooperation of the entire campus community.


The following resources are available to students, faculty and staff:

Maine Tobacco Helpline
It’s simple, free, and confidential.

Students can also contact:

UMA Counseling Services
Augusta Campus – 621-3044
Bangor Campus – 262-7836

Students can obtain information about other resources by calling 621-3374.

Faculty & Staff can also contact:

CIGNA 1-800-244-6224
EAP 1-877-622-4327
RISE-UP 1-855-274-7387

Faculty & staff can obtain information about other resources by calling 621-3104.