2023 AIA Maine Centenary Scholarship Awards

Each year, the AIA Miane Centenary Scholarship Endowment awards student work in three areas: Housing, Sustainability, and Professionalism.

The American Institutes of Architects (AIA) Maine Scholarship Fund was established at the University of Maine at Augusta in 2012 with an initial donation from AIA Maine and the wider Maine Design community. The fund states that it shall be used, “for scholarship assistance to resident Maine students enrolled in the second year or higher of UMA’s Bachelor of Architecture degree program with at least a GPA of 3.0.”

This year’s winners along with Jury comments:


Barclay Finck ($1300)
Jury Comments: The project is well represented showing a strong consideration of both interior and exterior spaces. The spaces are clearly designed at various scales (individual, group, community). Good housing works when focused on the people living there and this project clearly does that throughout the design and process.

Angie Beaulieu ($500)
Jury Comments: This project shows solid research and development of a new program typology based on a local vernacular. It is a clear Maine solution for a Maine site. We would like to see representation of the architectural experience.


Xavier Gomez ($1300)
Jury Comments: This project starts with integration and consideration of sustainable solutions as central to its exploration. The project’s extensive research and defense of passive solar use is laudable.


Scott McCallister ($1000)
Jury Comments: As service to the community is considered a cornerstone of UMA’s view of the architectural profession, this award acknowledges Scott’s history of volunteerism and his work for the ARC department.