UMA Ellsworth Center Graduate Celebration

The University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Ellsworth Center honored 36 graduates connected to the Ellsworth Center on May 22, 2023, at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel & Event Center in Bar Harbor.

uma 2023 33
Front row, left to right: Sara DeBeck, Lisa Lowell, Michael Bailey, Krystal Emerson, Nicole Blair, Margrethe Hooper, and Alysha Kidder.
Back row, left to right: James Merrill, Heather Oliver, Kristina Hamblen, Brittany Shepherd, and Moriah Nutter.

Guest speaker Gretchen Wilson, recently retired Director of the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce, encouraged the graduates to engage in work and activities that excite them. She shared with the attendees that you never know exactly where your degree will take you, because as you grow, and gain experience new doors will open. She also urged the graduates to give back to their communities through volunteering. By and giving back to the community she believes graduates can inspire others to follow their passions too.

Sally Daniels, UMA Ellsworth Center’s Student Services Coordinator, was recognized for her dedication to the Center’s students. Sally will be retiring in June.

Three of the Center’s graduates were recognized as distinguished students in their degree program. Moriah Nutter received the Distinguished Mental Health & Human Services Student Award; Heather Oliver was the recipient of the Distinguished Public Administration Award; and Sara DeBeck was honored with the Early Childhood Education Award.

UMA Ellsworth Center 2023 Graduates:
Caleb Aarsand, Erin Allen, Angeli Alley, Ruth Amsden, Stacey Bagley, Nanette Boutin, Michael Bailey, Sara Bair, Tabitha Bennett, Nicole Blair, Emma Crosby, Sara DeBeck, Lisa Dyer, Krystal Emerson, Stacy Grant, Heather Halliday, Lauren Hanna, Kristina Hamblen, Margrethe Hooper, Sean Kerrigan, Alysha Kidder, Lisa Lowell, Susan McIsaac, Jessica McVay, James Merrill, Moriah Nutter, Heather Oliver, Adrianna Richard, Brittany Shepherd, Jennifer Sinclair, Peter Starkey, Sabrina Stover, Katrina Turner, Gina Weirs, Sharon Worcester, and Patrick VanVranken.