“Give Kids a Smile Day” at UMA Dental Health Clinic – Feb 11 and March 4

Free Dental Cleanings and Exams available for children through “Give Kids a Smile Day” at UMA Dental Health Clinic

This year’s event will be held over two days to accommodate COVID-19 Protocols.

February 11 and March 4, 2022
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
UMA Dental Hygiene Clinic – Bangor Campus
201 Texas Avenue, Bangor

Dental student and happy patient.
Pre- COVID-19 image provided: Courtesy of UMA.

The University of Maine at Augusta Dental Health Clinic is hosting its annual “Give Kids a Smile Day” in partnership with the American Dental Association over a two day period this year.  The “Give Kids a Smile Day” will be held on February 11 and March 4 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at the UMA Dental Hygiene Clinic located on UMA’s Bangor campus at 201 Texas Avenue in Bangor. The two-day event helps to ensure that the same number of children will be served while maintaining all necessary COVID-19 protocols. The UMA Dental Hygiene Clinic operates according to the American Dental Association and Maine CDC recommended safety requirements and precautions.

Children ages five to 18, who do not have a dentist, can schedule free dental appointments to get cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and dental hygiene education. Students from UMA’s Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting programs will be providing care with the aid of staff dentists and faculty members from UMA’s Dental Health Programs.

All patients, guests, students, and staff are required to wear face coverings. Contact the UMA Dental Health Clinic at 262-7872 or email at bangorhygschool@maine.edu for more information about the event, required COVID-19 protocols, and to make an appointment.