Health Equity Dialogues Retrospective

"Health Equity Dialoagues - Three Years in Review"

The Health Equity Dialogue series will hold a special session on February 14th from 12-1:30 PM on Zoom to look back at and reflect on all of the excellent dialogues that have been convened since Spring 2019.

Please view any dialogues you may have missed, or revisit a favorite topic then, join us for an open discussion facilitated by UMA faculty members Drs. Kate Darling, Valerie Rubinsky, and Sarah Hentges. Previous videos can be accessed here.


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Health equity is the justice principle that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve health. The goal of the Health Equity Dialogues is to convene and connect scholars, community members, public health professionals, and healthcare practitioners across disciplinary divides and silos to work on high-priority community health challenges in Maine.