Below are just some of the skills you’ll develop in our program.
Business Administration

Students in UMA’s Business programs develop a wide array of marketable skills including self-confidence, cultural awareness, written and oral communication expertise, critical thinking, technical accounting, and analytical and managerial abilities.

In addition, a working knowledge of computers, spreadsheets, small business practices, and accounting principles have contributed to the success of Business Program graduates in such fields as marketing, management, tax accounting, and auditing.

What You’ll Learn

Public speaking
Supervising others
Hiring and training others
Persuading others
Writing reports
Explaining information to others

Using spreadsheets
Managing information systems
Understanding legal concepts
Preparing financial statements
Computing tax information

Applying statistical procedures
Developing budgets
Interpreting numerical data
Projecting/forecasting results
Utilizing accounting systems

Evaluating policies
Determining cost/benefit ratios
Making investments
Evaluating and interpreting data
Organizational planning
Understanding market dynamics