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UMA currently offers undergraduate degrees, minors, and certificates to meet your educational needs. Students have the option of taking required courses completely online, or through a combination of live, online, and video conferencing.

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Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems will be prepared for careers as programmer/analysts, network administrators, information system developers, and information technology managers.

Graduates will have the following IS skills and related knowledge:

  • Individual and team/interpersonal skills.
    • Personal and interpersonal communication.
    • Legal and ethical aspects of information systems.
  • Systems analysis and design.
    • Approaches to systems development.
    • Information and business systems analysis.
    • Systems development tools and techniques.
  • Software/web development.
    • Advanced programming languages.
    • Systems implementation.
    • Computer technology and science.
  • Business fundamentals.
    • Organizational theory.
    • Accounting principles.
  • Database.
    • Database theory and practice.
  • Project management.
    • Project management theory and practice.
  • Systems integration.
    • IS management.
    • Telecommunications and networks.
  • Mathematics.
    • Analytical and critical thinking.
    • Problem solving/algorithms/proofs.
  • Security.
    • Information systems security.