Apply your theoretical knowledge and build a professional portfolio of work experience while earning your degree.

The Internship Experience

The CIS program recognizes the value of relevant work experience and partners with technology-based organizations to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their skills base in information technology, cultivate mature life and workplace skills that prepare the student for personal and professional challenges, and establish a network of professional contacts in the information technology field.

The work completed by the student intern is expected to parallel or exceed job performance expectations. These expectations include responsibility, productivity, professionalism, and well-defined IT skillsets. Some, but not all, positions award monetary compensation (an hourly wage or a project stipend) for the work performed.

Students are provided with with an opportunity to build a professional portfolio of relevant work experience. With the guidance of an organizational mentor, students will develop a significant IT project that applies appropriate information technology (IT) skills in hardware/networking, database design and development, programming, or client- server-side Web scripting.

The Internship Experience (3 credits) is an elective at the associate-degree level and a required offering at the bachelor-degree level.

During the internship experience, the student maintains a reflective journal that identifies effective communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills applied during the implementation of the IT project.

At the conclusion of the internship, the student summarizes the highlights and challenges of the internship in a written report and presents the IT project development process, focusing on the transfer of theoretical and classroom and lab experiences to meet corporate challenges.

Kevin WhiteI believe that it is very important for not only the Computer Information Systems program to have internships, but all programs. Thanks to my internship, I will now have both work experience and a degree when I graduate and essentially be a more marketable candidate.

–Kevin W.

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Current Internship Opportunities

The University of Maine at Augusta has a number of opportunities to work and grow in the IT field, while working on a project that will benefit the University.

Be sure to visit Project Login for current internship and career opportunities

Corporate Partners

The Internship Experience is a three-way partnership among the student intern, the organizational sponsor, and the University mentor that connects the University and the community by developing mutually beneficial business relationships. The CIS program recognizes the commitment required to sustain a successful internship program and values the role that each of these partners play in providing a valuable learning experience.

We have students seeking internship placements in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

The internship experience will provide the Organizational Sponsor with an opportunity to

  • meet short and long-term goals with temporary employees who are technically competent
  • assess the work performance of a prospective employee without an expensive, long-term commitment
  • expose current employees to technical innovations in the academic curricula and gain a fresh perspective on industry trends

Any local technology-based organization interested in partnering with the internship program at the Bangor or Augusta campuses of the UMA may contact a member of the CIS program for additional information:

Web Design

Diana Kokoska
(207) 262-7864


Henry Felch
(207) 621-3371


Matthew Dube
(207) 621-3212

Data Science

Matthew Dube
(207) 621-3212