Degrees in Public Administration

The A.S. and B.S. degrees prepare you for administrative careers in government and not-for-profit organizations.  The faculty has many decades of experience getting students ready for new or enhanced careers, and they are supplemented by an outstanding group of Maine public officials who offer courses in their areas of expertise.  Positions acquired by recent graduates include Commissioner, Chief Deputy Secretary of State, Clerk of the Maine House of Representatives, town manager, sheriff, police chief, fire chief, and airport manager. Graduates have been successful in a great variety of public and not-for-profit organizations that make important contributions to the quality of life in Maine.

There are bachelor’s degree options for all of the following:

Students transferring an associate degree in one of the following fields

These associate degrees transfer as a block, rather than course by course.  Students can finish the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration with approximately 60 credit hours of coursework.

Students with no prior associate degree

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Four years of full-time equivalent coursework (121 credit hours)

Students with a prior bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field

A 30 credit hour Postbaccalaureate (second bachelor’s degree) for students with a prior bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field

An Associate Degree in Public Administration and a Minor in Public Administration are also available.

Why Pursue a Public Administration Degree at UMA?

All program courses are available over the internet and on a delayed basis for those who cannot attend live sessions.  Students who prefer to attend classes in real time, on campus. or at an interactive TV site have that option.

Historically, almost all program graduates have gained employment and/or promotions upon completion of the degree.  They have held important jobs in state government, local government, and not-for-profit organizations.

The excellent full-time faculty is supplemented by the following public officials:

Becky Wyke, Acting UMA President and former finance officer of the University of Maine System
Dawn Gallagher, former Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection
Bill Bridgeo, Augusta City Manager
Peter Nielsen, Winthrop Town Manager

Historically, we have had participation by the Maine Attorney General, the Maine Secretary of State, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, and other public officials, and we will continue to take advantage of the extraordinary depth of practical experience that these individuals bring to the program.

The UMA Public Administration program is a member of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Costs are modest and financial aid is available to both full-time and part-time students.

Transfer students are welcome.