Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

An Associate Degree in Fire Science from an Accredited Institution Plus Approximately 60 Credit Hours

The public administration degree provides an excellent education for fire science personnel who want to move up.  It combines the knowledge gained in a fire science program with the administrative skills and perspective needed for career advancement.  The combination elevates candidates for promotion above individuals who have a more limited preparation in fire science alone.  Program graduates have served as Chief of the Fire Department and in other positions with significant responsibilities.

Beyond that, this degree program gives graduates considerable flexibility in career planning, and offers many opportunities for later career change without additional education.  The public administration degree opens up a world of possibilities beyond the boundaries of fire science.

The public administration curriculum is comprehensive, covering public sector institutions, the central functional areas of modern administration, and a range of valuable and relevant analytical skills.  It is designed to produce managers with an understanding of modern organizations, a sensitivity to political realities, a grasp of management methods, and a knowledge of the analytical tools needed to illuminate substantive issues.  See the checksheet for a list of the course and degree requirements. 

Examples of Positions for which Graduates Might Qualify:

Risk Management Officer
Safety Training Officer
Municipal Fire Department Fire Fighter through Fire Chief
Airport Fire Department Firefighter through Fire Chief
Fire Insurance Investigator
Safety Technician
Industrial Fire Protection Specialist
State Fire Marshall’s Office Investigator through State Fire Marshall
Municipal, County or State Public Safety Director
Agent of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Salesperson or Manager with a company selling/servicing emergency equipment
Official of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
State Emergency Management Agency Officer

General Government Positions

Town Manager
Assistant City Manager or City Manager
County Administrator
Municipal or State Budget/Finance Officer
Municipal or State Treasurer
Commissioner of Public Safety
Executive Administrative Assistant
Program Review Officer
School Finance and Administration Officer
Officials in not-for-profit organizations
Court Administrator
University Administrative Services Director
Member of Legislative Staff
Equal Opportunity Administrator
Human Resource Administrator
Public Affairs Officer
Officials in a District Attorney’s Office who do not require a law degree
Analyst for Legislative Committee
Manager in a Regulatory Agency
Maine Assistant Secretary of State
Local Airport Manager

For additional information, contact:

David Leach, Program Coordinator

Ms. Terry Lawson