American Foundation Donation Will Support Faculty Position at UMA

American Foundation provides gift to support science education at University of Maine at Augusta

Funding will support faculty position at UMA

The American Foundation recently provided a gift of $150,000 to support a science faculty position at the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA). The funding will support a fixed length full-time position with a focus on teaching online science and biology classes beginning in fall 2019.

Science classes, especially those taught online, further UMA’s goal to support degree completion for Maine’s adult learners regardless of their location. The focus on science classes will also begin to expand opportunities for individuals wishing top obtain a nursing degree in rural Maine. Marta Frisardi, a Lecturer in Biology and Specialist in Online Science Pedagogy, will be based on the Augusta campus and will teach classes in person from the UMA Rockland Center with online availability at other UMA locations. Ms. Frisardi has taught various online science courses at UMA on a part-time basis; she earned her PhD in biology from Brandeis and a MS in genetics from Cornell.

“This very generous gift from The American Foundation supports UMA’s online and distance learning opportunities for Mainers who want to attend college without uprooting their lives,” said Rebecca Wyke, UMA President. “Expanding STEM options for students, especially through distance education, is critical to meet the needs of adult learners.”

“The American Foundation supports donors seeking to make a difference in very specific areas and where they have a particular interest,” stated Jan Corning, with The American Foundation. “This is true of this gift and the opportunities it provides to students not only in Rockland, but across the state.”

The UMA Rockland Center is one of UMA eight centers in Maine where students can take courses, pursue degrees, and receive all the support needed to earn a university degree close to home, taking classes that fit into busy family and work life. Courses are taught by faculty on-site, online, via interactive television, or two-way videoconferencing.

UMA Rockland has served the mid-coast area for more than 30 years, providing access to more than 30 university degree and certificate programs with small class sizes, personalized support services, tutoring in math and writing, and local scholarships. Students may choose from over 40 university courses offered each fall and spring semester, morning, afternoon and evening in a face-to-face format. In addition, more than 500 courses are offered through distance education technologies.

UMA transforms the lives of students of every age and background across the State of Maine and beyond through access to high-quality distance and on-site education, excellence in student support, civic engagement, and professional and liberal arts programs.

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