Graduation Celebration Held at UMA Rockland Center

Michaela Poor and her guest.
Michaela Poor, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and her guest pose in the photo frame at the URock graduation celebration event May 4th.

On Saturday, May 4th, faculty and staff at UMA Rockland Center hosted a celebration event for 54 local UMA graduates. Over 125 family and guests attended the celebration event.

In addition to the recognition of the graduates, student awards were presented to the following recipients by UMA’s Associate Provost, Brenda McAleer.

  • Computer Information Systems Excellence Award to Violet Bemis
  • Leadership Award to Amy Taylor.
  • Persistence Awards to Christy Preston and Sara Washburn.
  • The Joshua Bowen Performing Arts Award to Yvette Presley.
  • Volunteer Award to Mariah Mann.
  • Jeffrey Klivans Scholarship to Mistydawn Bowen.
  • Martin and Molly Schwartz Scholarship to Jean McIntyre.
  • Dr. Maya Angelou Leadership & Service Award to Faith Bruce.

Students speakers included Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate Brittany Rice as well as Liberal Studies graduate, Julie Smith. Local realtor, Mary Bumiller delivered an inspiring keynote address.

The following local students will receive degrees at UMA’s Commencement at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, May 11.

BA Art

  • William Brown

Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Gordon Garnett*
  • Amanda Leon*

AS Bus Administration

  • Brian Bradeen
  • Katheryn McCormick
  • Danielle Weaver

BS Bus Administration —Accounting

  • Rachael Brown*
  • Tina Ellis*
  • Brendon Finnemore

BS Bus Administration —Management

  • Lindsey Ecker
  • Sara Washburn*

BS Computer Information Systems

  • Violet Bemis*
  • Lyn Hall*
  • Craig Payson*

AS Justice Studies

  • Whitney Kilton*

BS Justice Studies

  • Marlon Alarcon
  • Alayna Joyce*
  • Nicole Mahoney*
  • Jacqueline Rodriguez*

AA Liberal Studies

  • Kathy Estabrook*
  • Catherine Lake*
  • Mariah Mann
  • Katherine Nelson*
  • Amber Oliver
  • Melissa Rice
  • Julia Smith*
  • Esther Wade

BA Liberal Studies

  • Stephanie Barley*
  • Brianne Benner
  • Megan Bruns
  • Melinda Butterfield*
  • Dawn Emery*
  • Ashlee Francis
  • Errol Littlefield
  • Christina Martin
  • Denita McWilliams
  • Ashley Ranco
  • Pamela Schaltenbrand*
  • Kelly Webber

AS Mental Health & Human Services

  • Jessika Grant
  • Rebecca Robinson*

BS Mental Health & Human Services

  • Makayla Glidden*
  • Robin Harvie*
  • Rebekah Oliver*
  • Patricia Pendleton*
  • Christy Preston
  • Mercedes Reynolds*
  • Rita Robbins*

UMA BS ― Nursing

  • Hilary Harkins*
  • Pauline McWilliams
  • Alice Newbert

UMFK BS ― Nursing

  • Michaela Poor*
  • Brittany Rice*
  • John Tooley*

*Graduating with Honors: GPA 3.25 or higher

The UMA Rockland Center has been delivering University courses and degrees to the midcoast area since 1976. Since that time well over 2000 college degrees have been awarded to local students.

For more information about the UMA Rockland Center visit its website at, or phone 596-6906.