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Prof. Robert Klose’s Novel Wins Literary Award

"Best Book Awards Finalist" badgeUMA Professor Of Biological Science Robert Klose’s new novel, “Life on Mars,” was an Award-Winning Finalist in the Humor category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest.

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Life on Mars full cover

Life on Mars takes a satirical look at evolution vs. Intelligent Design — a sort of feint by anti-evolutionists to get creationism into the classroom by assiduously avoiding the mention of God. Instead, reference is made to a “higher” or “superior” intelligence. The novel’s conceit is this: what if the Intelligent Design folks are right and the evolutionists are wrong

What if a higher intelligence did indeed get the ball of creation rolling, only the intelligence wasn’t God but an alien race (“The Spong”) that had seeded earth as a botanical garden eons ago, only to return to find it contaminated with humans

In preparation for a “Treatment” to correct their error, the Spong assign a human to act as earth’s final biographer to provide them with proof of why humans just have to go.