UMA Rockland Supports Its University Students Virtually

Zoom staff meeting screenshot
UMA Rockland staff are supporting their college students with virtual support services.

During this time of working remotely, every morning the UMA Rockland (URock) staff meet to set work priorities, identify student outreach activity and craft a plan to best support students and local faculty. The UMA Rockland staff are helping to solve technology issues, time management issues, and counsel students on new pass/fail grade options.

“We have made hundreds upon hundreds of outreach calls to our students to check on their well being and to help them continue to be successful,” said Deborah Meehan, the UMA Rockland Director. “We schedule ZOOM meetings with individuals and host some group gatherings to ease the isolation.”

“Needless to say this is a time of high stress and we really care that our students know they are not alone with their problems,” added Meehan.

Meehan noted that many Rockland students work in the health care field, or are front line workers in “essential” businesses like grocery stores. While maintaining academic integrity, faculty are also showing leniency and kindness with extended assignments and other considerations.

Meehan described how one student recently said she had worked 13 days straight as a CNA without a break and was not sure how to keep up with her math class, a requirement for her nursing degree. Meehan said the faculty member showed great compassion and support and together they developed a work plan to get through the semester.

“Student support and success are our top priorities right now,” she added.

Continuing, new and inquiring students may email with any question and staff will get right back to you. Their website is also available at