UMA Civic Engagement Leadership Team:

Janet Smith, Civic Engagement Co-Coordinator, New Ventures Maine Executive Director
Kati Corlew, Civic Engagement Co-Coordinator, Associate Professor of Psychology
Jean Dempster, New Ventures Maine Program Director
Thomas Grogan, New Ventures Maine Workforce Specialist
Chloe Daikh, 2022-2023 AmeriCorps College Access and Support Coordinator

UMA Civic Engagement Steering Committee:

Susan Baker, Professor of Science
Robert Bernheim, Assistant Professor of History
Sherrie Brann, Academic Success Coach, Coordinator of Tutoring Services, Augusta Campus
Haley Brown, Coordinator of Career Connections
Sabra Burdick, Instructor of Mental Health and Human Services
Patricia Clark, Director of Early Childhood Studies & Lecturer of MHHS and Education
Colleen Coffey, Academic Success Coach, Coordinator of Tutoring Services, Bangor Campus
Debra Crosby, Adjunct Professor of Justice Studies
Katherine Darling, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Jennifer Davis, Director of Center for Student Success and Development, Bangor Campus
Matthew Dube, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and Data Science
Anne Fensie, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Nancy Foster, Associate Professor of Dental Health
Sheri Fraser, Dean of Students
Amanda Gardner, major in Justice Studies, 2020-2021 Newman Civic Fellow
Kelley Glidden, New Ventures Maine Workforce Development Specialist
Kristie Harrison, Lecturer of Nursing
Sarah Hentges, Associate Professor of American Studies
Constance Holden, Professor of Developmental Mathematics and Science
Robert Kellerman, Professor of English
Robert Klose, Professor of Biological Science
Ian Magill, Student Success Coordinator
Noel March, Lecturer of Justice Studies, Director of the Maine Community Policing Institute
Kristin McLaren, Lecturer of Religion
Deborah Meehan, Director, UMA Rockland Center
Thomas Nickerson, Director, UMA Brunswick Center
Gary Page, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Rose Pelletier, Coordinator of Student Life
Valerie Rubinsky, Assistant Professor of Communications
Sharon McMahon Sawyer, Program Coordinator of Justice Studies, Assistant Professor
Eric Stark, Professor of Architecture, Architecture Program Coordinator
Susan Stoddard, Instructor of Art and Architecture
Timothy Surrette, Associate Professor of Education
Noel Tague, Assistant Professor of English, First Year Writing Coordinator
Abbie Turner, Adjunct Professor of English, Teacher, Southern Maine Women’s Re-Entry Center
Kathryn Walker, Assistant Professor of Dental Health
Jessica Winck, Assistant Professor of English