What is the UMA I.D. CARD?


  • serves as the official University of Maine at Augusta identification card;
  • provides access to library services;
  • is utilized to pay for printing at both campuses;
  • provides proof of student status to receive discounts at art and science museums and from local vendors, i.e., computer and/or software companies, ski resorts, sandwich shops;
  • can be used at the Moose Tracks Café (Augusta Campus – Randall Student Center) to purchase food items tax free.

The UMA I.D. CARD does not expire.  A $20 non-refundable fee is charged for all replacement cards, unless the card is defective, Student has had a change in name or status, or if a student has not attended for six consecutive semesters.  To get a replacement card, students need to be registered for the current semester.  For those students who have initially obtained a non-photo ID card and wish to “upgrade” to a photo ID, a $5 fee will be charged.

What is this stuff on the CARD?

The UMA CARD contains 2 technologies (take care to ensure your card is not damaged or defaced in any way):

  • magnetic stripe on the back of the card is encoded with user information that when passed through a reader checks account balances.
  • a barcode, and barcode number starting with “2502200…” on the front of the card for accessing library resources. Library barcode numbers are used to request resources for delivery from other libraries and for access to online resources.

A blue number printed on the front of the card is the card identification number.

Accessing Library Services

Students must contact the library to activate UMA CARDs for access to library resources. Call the library at 1.877.862.1234 x3349, emailchat with staff, or visit the Circulation desks at Katz Library in Augusta, or Nottage Library in Bangor in person to activate your card. Access to Interlibrary loan services and remote (off-campus) access to online resources is effective immediately after barcode activation.

Pay-per-Page Print Charge Policy

A four cents-per-page cost for black/white printing is assessed to all UMA students using computer print facilities on the Augusta and Bangor campuses. There is a ten cents-per-page cost for color printing. All UMA students needing to print must obtain a UMA CARD and add funds (Moose Buck$) to it. This policy does cover all printers in any classrooms/labs used by students. Color printing in the specialized photo/art/architecture areas will be addressed separately. When a student clicks on the printer icon to print, a pop-up box will appear alerting the student to the number of pages requested and the total cost of the print job. The student then may accept the charge against their funds on their ID card and receive the print, or cancel the request and have no funds deducted from their card.
(Note: The Unified Fee/Technology Fee is intended to enhance the technology in UMA’s learning environment. This fee covers a portion of the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of computer hardware, network servers, scanners, Internet Access, software licenses, and specialized, technology-based classroom equipment, such as microscopes. The Unified Fee/Technology Fee is not intended to subsidize the personal use of expendable supplies.) For more information about Pay-per-page Print, contact the ID Card Services Office in Augusta at 621-3529 or toll free at 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3529.

Pay per copy

A seven-cent-per-page cost is assessed when using the photocopier in the Katz Library in Augusta.  Seven cent-per-page is assessed for black/white copies when using the photocopier in UMA Bangor’s Library (Belfast Hall) and Eastport Hall computer lab, as well as the Augusta campus’ Randall student center computer lab. A ten cent-per-page charge is assessed for color copies – only in the computer labs.

Community Discounts

There are many savings available when you show your UMA CARD.

Dining Services at the Moose Tracks Café

The Moose Tracks Café (located on the Augusta Campus-Randall Student Center) is open during the fall and spring semesters, and offers a variety of meals, sandwiches, soups, and beverages.  To purchase food items with the UMA I.D. CARD, add funds (Moose Buck$) to it.  When cashing out, present the UMA CARD at the register and receive your items tax free!

For More Information

Contact the ID Card Services Office on the Augusta Campus (Randall Student Center-Information Desk) at 621-3467 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3467, or Admissions Office on the Bangor Campus (Lewiston Hall) at 262-7804.

The UMA CARD system will continue to be developed with the goal of improving access and services for the safety and convenience of the University community.

Office Locations

  • Randall Student Center at the Enrollment and Information Services
  • Admissions Office on the Bangor Campus (Lewiston Hall)

Hours of Operation:

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday


8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday

For more information on the Card process or hours of operation, please contact ID Card Services in Augusta at 621-3529 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3529, or Admissions Office in Bangor at 262-7804.

Email ID Card Services