French at UMA

This site is devoted to all things French at UMA. You can learn about our courses and the French minor. Whether you’re just learning or re-awakening your French, see the FAQ to find out what class might be right for you.

You can also get to know Chelsea Ray, Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature at UMA.

Doing the ‘all French’ parts of class used to be overwhelming, but it is getting easier and it has been helpful. I like how we do a lot of review and just take things one step at a time

— Alexis E.,
an online student in UMA’s French 101 course

My instructor is amazing with her organization skills and her efficiency with making sure that the online section has all the materials for success. Her helpful organization hints, support, patience, and sense of humor are remarkable and make the ‘pressure’ of learning a new language seem not so bad after all. It helps feeling like I am being set up for success, and my instructor provides that wholeheartedly.

— Anonymous, French @ UMA student

One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.

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