Welcome to French at UMA!

Ideally, language classes are taken in person (or real time on Zoom), as the in-person interaction helps students learn the language in a meaningful context. The next best thing is to provide videos of live classes so that you can see language in “action.”

You will need to choose whether you wish to attend class via Zoom real time or wish to watch recorded videos  Here is more detail on the options to help you make your choice:

1) You can attend from home via Zoom on the days/times that the class meets. You would enroll in the section that reads “online in real time” (this means synchronous). This means that you MUST be available when the class meets.

Zoom is free video conference software that is simple and easy to use. I have taught French successfully on Zoom and it works quite well! There are a lot of similarities to being in person and you still get all the benefits of speaking in class and being able to ask your questions, live. Please email me for instructions on how to download Zoom.


2) You can enroll in the online section and watch videos of our meetings. You would enroll in the section that reads “Web/Online” (asynchronous). This means that you follow the class material at your own pace and do not have specific times to attend class. You will still have deadlines for tests and other assignments.

If you are enrolled in the online section, you are still welcome to attend class at any time, but it is not required.

The main thing that I ask students to consider before signing up for an online language course is that they are willing to watch the videos of the live class taped (approximately 3.5 hours a week) and do the online homework (approximately 1-4 hours a week). Are you, in general, a self-motivated student?

If you feel this a good fit for you, please email me and I will send you a permission number for the online section.

Note: if you wish to be “hybrid” and watch videos one day a week and attend class live on Zoom once a week, please sign up for the “online” option and let me know which day you plan to attend.

Mandatory Zoom Orientation
There is a mandatory online Zoom orientation for online students at the beginning of the semester. It is usually held in the evening to allow for maximum attendance. This is to help you access all the resources in the online homework platform and in our online course materials. This is very important and can prevent a lot of confusion later on!

You may also want to think about any local resources you have to practice speaking French, as that is one missing link in the online course. This might be a friend studying the language or a neighbor who knows French (or even a family member!). If not, I am sometimes able to match you with a peer taking the class. Every little bit counts with language!