The French minor allows students to continue their study of the French language (beyond the introductory series) while also broadening their perspective on the multicultural nature of the French-speaking world. The required courses focus on Francophone literature from various regions of the world and on the Franco-American community in New England. The elective courses are varied: students can deepen their knowledge of the French language through short-term total immersion abroad, continue their work on literature in French or Franco-American culture through independent study, or take additional online courses through the UM system. The minor is designed to be flexible and suit the individual interests of the students.

There are two “tracks” in the French minor: a “culture” track and a “language” track. The language track is more focused specifically on French language courses, and you will take two years of language beyond the initial introductory courses. The culture track still emphasizes language (including both FRE 203 and FRE 204), but it allows for a more in-depth exploration of French-speaking cultures in their literary and historical context.

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If you would like more information, please contact the advisor for the French minor: Chelsea Ray ( or call 621-3487).

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
—Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)