A wide variety of career options exists for the Mental Health & Human Services professional.

An MHHS graduate can launch a successful career in any of the varying community-based human services positions. A number of graduates continue on to graduate school, most commonly in counseling and social work. Expanding opportunities exist in the context of human service, mental health, and substance use disorders treatment in the state of Maine and beyond.

While this list is not exhaustive, this set of careers is relevant across the statewide spectrum of need for enhanced community-based services, leaving you with the skills, knowledge, and best-practices necessary to succeed in the field. These careers offer something for a multitude of professional desires, ranging from advocacy and policy-making, to rehabilitation and education, and crisis management.

Recent graduates have become employed in the follow positions:

  • Residential Substance Use Counselor
  • Discharge Planner
  • Employment Specialist
  • Social Worker
  • Long-term Care Social Worker
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Substance Use Counselor
  • Homeless Shelter Coordinator
  • Case Manager
  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Behavioral Health Professional
  • Care Coordinator
  • Case Aid
  • Child Care Worker
  • Child Protective Services Worker

At the heart of these opportunities are the skills that training in Mental Health and Human Services provides.

Employment Opportunities

The MHHS program oftentimes receives job opportunities from offices and agencies throughout the state of Maine and posts them as a professional courtesy. Visit MHHS Jobs to see what positions might be available in your area.

UMA Career Advising

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