The demand for veterinary technicians is, and will remain, high, making attending vet tech school very attractive.

Many students interested in Veterinary Technology are interested in working in a clinical setting following graduation. However, there are many other opportunities available with this degree.

Through our externship program, students are very successful in obtaining a job following graduation. Greater than 90% of UMA students are employed through their externship.

Chelsea FrederickCongratulations to Chelsea Frederick!

With the successful completion of her Veterinary Technology degree, Chelsea will be employed at the Veazie Veterinary Clinic.

Some career opportunities include:

Small Animal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

  • Individuals work with companion animals and are responsible for client education, nursing care, collecting and analyzing laboratory samples, monitoring and assisting in surgical procedures, administering medications, performing radiographs and dental cleanings and more.
  • LVT’s do have the opportunity to specialize in a specific field with some experience and extra training. Specializing makes you stand out among other candidates and allows you more responsibilities and benefits.

Equine/Food Animal Medicine

  • LVT’s in this field have similar responsibilities to those listed above.

Lab Animal Medicine

  • This is another field where LVT”s are in short supply. In addition to being involved in research that can change lives, LVT’s in this field have the ability to work their way up to obtain supervisor and managerial positions.

Regulatory Medicine

  • This field is important because its purpose is to oversee the well-being of animals and the public. Regulatory medicine includes working for the USDA or EPA and LVT’s may be involved in inspecting farms, pet stores, clinics, and research facilities to ensure the safety and proper care of animals.


  • Programs in high schools and Universities (both LVT and Veterinary programs) are often looking for LVT’s to share their experience and knowledge with their students.

Veterinary Practice Management

  • For those who like more managerial roles, this may be the position for you. Responsibilities can include hiring and training, managing finances, organizing CE for the clinic. LVT’s often make good managers because by working as an LVT alongside veterinarians they become aware of the common problems which can be addressed in this position.

Veterinary Product Marketing

  • In this field, LVT’s would be working for manufacturers and distributors of veterinary drugs, supplies, equipment, and pet foods. Again, because of a strong educational background, this is often and ideal position for LVT’s who like working in customer service.

Vet School

  • If interested in attending vet school in the future, this degree can help you get there. Our program provides a solid foundation and is a good jumpstart for those moving on to veterinary school.

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