UMA Rockland Student Makes Gift Honoring Rockland Center Staff

Group Photo
Elizabeth Carver made a donation to the UMA Jewett Hall Auditorium Project in Augusta, naming a chair in honor of the Rockland Center staff. From left to right: Renee Heal, Deborah Meehan, Chip Curry, Elizabeth Carver, Paula Schuessler and Althea Simeone.

Elizabeth Carver is a student at the UMA Rockland Center enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences. She is currently a junior and has been enrolled with some gaps for life events, since the summer of 1992.

This week Carver honored her relationship with the staff of the UMA Rockland Center by purchasing a chair in their honor during the renovation project on the UMA campus for the Jewett Hall Auditorium. Carver dedicated that chair to the Rockland Center staff.

“I knew returning to college to complete my bachelor’s degree, after a 30-year working career, would require commitment – mentally, emotionally and financially. From the beginning, it was clear I was in the right place by attending classes at the Rockland Center,” she said.

“As overwhelming as my full-time class load can feel at times, I have never felt alone,” she added. “The academic and administrative support has been vital to my success so far, as unexpected personal life challenges needed my attention.”

Carver went on to add that the UMA Rockland Center staff have gifted her with understanding, unwavering support, and assistance in setting priorities and establishing peer relationships to guide her through the college experience.

Carver says, “It is my honor to recognize staff at the UMA Rockland Center in a way that also benefits UMA and the Jewett Hall Auditorium. “

UMA’s Jewett Auditorium Renovation project in Augusta has been underway since mid-December and is nearing completion. Donors have been able to name chairs as a part of the project.