Center for Cyber Education

In 2018, the University of Maine System (UMS) and its member institutions of higher education established the Maine Cybersecurity Center (MCC), serving as the designated Center for Cyber Education and focal point for its cyber curriculum and practice. The MCC is responsible for providing cyber defense education support and resources to any institution within the UMS. The center shall provide program guidance and oversight, general cyber defense information, and collaboration and outreach opportunities among students, faculty, and other institutions.

MCC Mission & Goal

Our mission is to provide the State of Maine with a trained cybersecurity workforce, based on guidance from the National Centers of Academic Excellence (NCAE) in Cyber education, a program jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

Our goal is aimed at advanced cybersecurity curriculum and practice by investing in and implementing technology that provides remote access to immersive training and simulation; such as virtual lab environments and a cyber range that delivers real-world real-time security operations center experience. We are committed to workforce development and building a comprehensive network of partnerships among academia and industry.

MCC External Board of Advisors

The board consists of industry professionals who will provide programmatic guidance over the activities of the center and the NCAE program as a whole. The board will provide a connection between the program(s), Center, college/department, and the local community. Each year, the board will elect a chairperson and determine a meeting schedule that will include, at a minimum, quarterly meetings.

Point of Contact

Henry Felch, DCS
Director, Maine Cyber Center,
Director, Maine Cyber Range,
UMA Professor of Cyber/CIS

Last updated 12/2023