Providing training opportunities to students & professionals

The mission of the Maine Cyber Range (MCR) is to provide an immersive training and simulation center that takes cyber education and workforce development to the next level. The MCR provides students and professionals with market-leading, commercially licensed security products allowing them to build their skills on how to best detect, respond, and prevent cyber incidents; Skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Goals of the Maine Cyber Range include:

Enhance UMA’s Academic Cybersecurity Program

Students are provided innovative technology and a curriculum designed to meet the growing demands in the field of cybersecurity. An immersive hands-on experience is essential to effective learning and knowledge retention. UMA decided to embrace the approach of hands-on simulation in order to provide an experience that resembles the ones that students will encounter during their professional career.

Address Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

With almost 800 cybersecurity job openings in Maine and 465,000 across the United States, UMA prepares students to enter the workforce with skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace, closing the talent gaps that exist across the country. (Source: CyberSeek July 2021)

Provide Cyber Support to Businesses and Organizations

The Maine Cyber Range has become a cybersecurity education hub for colleges and universities, businesses and small to large organizations, and government agencies, for training, information security awareness, security skills evaluation, and workforce development.

Components of the Maine Cyber Range include:

Cyberbit Range Platform

The Cyberbit Platform provides a full-scale cyber range, delivering a virtual SOC experience that includes massive networks, reverse engineered attacks, and commercially licensed security tools. The range incorporates leading brand security tools alongside a wide range of attack scenarios, ranging from entry-level and individual student skill building exercises, to advanced and team-based exercises. Participants train and practice in the detection, response, and prevention of adverse cyber events in a network that emulates the real-world network of the workplace.

NDG NetLab+ Environments

NDG NetLab+ virtual machine environments are technical labs that trainees use to gain hands-on skills and proficiency. NetLab+ is a remote access solution that lets students complete labs anywhere, and anytime.

  • CySA+ Training
  • CCNA Cyber Ops Training
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Forensics
  • Security+ (used to validate baseline skills to perform core security functions)
  • NISGTC Linux+ Series
  • Palo Alto Networks Firewall 9 Essentials
  • Red Hat System Administration

Forensic Virtual Environments

Our custom forensics lab environments utilize different tools used by law enforcement, military and the government to carry out investigations.

  • AccessData Forensic Toolkit (FTK) – software that enables you to scan a hard drive looking for various information.
  • Magnet AXIOM Forensics – software that remotely collects data, enabling you to recover, analyze, and report on digital evidence.
  • Paraben E3 Forensics – electronic evidence examination software that enables you to process digital data of all types of digital evidence.

Educational Partnerships

  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • CompTIA
  • EC-Council
  • Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy
  • Red Hat Academy
  • Splunk
  • TestOut
  • VMWare IT Academy

Services of the Maine Cyber Range include:

  • Individual & Team Training
  • Executive Training
  • Information Security Awareness
  • Security Skills Evaluation
  • Workforce Development

Maine Cyber Range Use Cases

The Maine Cyber Range can be used for multiple purposes, especially Training, Readiness, and Assessment.
The MCR can be used by professionals from small to large organizations, businesses, and government agencies seeking realistic and cutting-edge techniques for defending against malicious cyber-attacks.

We can provide:

  • Training to help prepare your team to use technical skills to detect, respond to, and remediate cyber attacks.
  • Preparedness drills to help test your team’s readiness to respond to cyber attacks, and evaluate how well the team members work together.
  • Assessment to help evaluate an organization’s cyber capability.
  • The range can also be used as a hiring tool in assessing an applicant’s technical skills and qualifications.

The Maine Cyber Range operates out of the Randall Student Center on the Augusta campus.

Email: | Phone: (207) 621-3006

To request an informational meeting or a range overview and demonstration, contact us today! Our Team consists of faculty, staff and students, including:

  • Dr. Henry Felch, MCR Director and UMA Associate Professor of Cyber and CIS
  • Michele Weymouth, MCR Operations Specialist
  • Pierre Laot, MCR Cybersecurity Engineer & System Administrator
  • Dawn Ego, MCR Instructor and UMA Lecturer of Cyber and Forensics

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