Providing training opportunities to students & professionals

The mission of the Maine Cyber Range (MCR) is to enhance cybersecurity education as well as increase the number of fully prepared students entering the cybersecurity workforce. This mission extends to educating and supporting all Universities within the University of Maine System, colleges, municipalities, as well as public and private businesses in Maine and across New England.

The Maine Cyber Range Can Help Protect Your Organization

The Maine Cyber Range is a training and simulation center for professionals at large organizations, small to midsize businesses, and government agencies seeking realistic and cutting-edge techniques for defending against malicious cyber-attacks. Typical user groups include information technology, cybersecurity, law enforcement, incident handlers, continuity of operations, as well as cybersecurity educators at high schools and colleges. Training opportunities include large-scale exercises and capture the flag environments.

Participants can face live cyber-attacks that will allow them to build their skills on how to best detect, stop, and remediate cybersecurity incidents.

Don’t Wait Until Your Organization Has Been Compromised

Research conducted in 2018 by Vistage Worldwide Inc. of small and midsize businesses revealed that 62% of the respondents lack an active cybersecurity plan. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small or midsize businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months due to the crippling and enormous financial repercussions.

The most common types of cybersecurity incidents fall into the following categories:

  • Phishing: Frequently using email or social media that may look legitimate, users are tricked to click on misleading links, provide sensitive information or company data, or even download content to their computer or server.
  • Malware: If a victim of phishing does initiate a download, there’s a good chance that the program received is harmful or malicious. Malware comes in various forms, tasked with anything from spying on the system to manipulating its code.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): This type of attack floods the server with requests from multiple sources, overwhelming it to the point of slowing down substantially or even crashing. The system becomes impossible to use effectively until these numerous interactions are canceled and blocked.
  • Brute Force or Password Attacks: In these threats, cyber criminals attempt to gain access to a network by using a program to discover a working password. They are the primary reason it’s important to have regular password update requirements, and not use the same password across different applications.
  • Ransomware: When activated, this type of malware locks the computer system and encrypts the device so that no one can use it anymore. The computer or server affected will remain locked until a hefty ransom is paid on its behalf, resulting in one of the most sophisticated and damaging cyber threats.

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“With the Maine Cyber Range, working professionals and cybersecurity students at UMA use market-leading, commercially licensed security products, while a sophisticated attack generator runs a wide range of attacks providing the disruptive cybersecurity experience that professionals in these positions face every day.” -Henry Felch, Director

The Maine Cyber Range consists of:

  • Cyberbit Range Platform
  • VNDG NetLab+ Environment
  • Custom Forensic Virtual Environment
    • Paraben E3 Forensics
    • Magnet AXIOM Forensics
  • Red Vault Training Environment
    • Cisco Networking Academy
    • Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy
    • VMWare IT Academy
    • Red Hat Academy
    • and Splunk

The Maine Cyber Range can be used to evaluate an organization’s cyber capability, test new procedures, and train staff. It provides a safe, legal environment to gain hands-on cyber skills for product development and security posture testing.

Services Include:

  • Individual Range Training
  • Team Range Training
  • Executive Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Skills Evaluation
  • Security Assessment Team services (evaluations and/or recommendations)

For more information or to request our services, please email us at

Maine Cyber Range Contact:

Dr. Henry Felch, MCR Director and
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity & Computer Information Systems

The Maine Cyber Range Security Assessment Team Can Help Reduce Cyber Security Threats

Since 2018, the Security Assessment Team has been providing the following professional services, FREE of charge, to businesses in the community that are in need of cybersecurity support through evaluations and/or recommendations.

Services Include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security/Risk Assessments
    • Review of security processes and policies
    • Back-up testing
    • Phishing testing
    • Physical security walk-thru;
  • Cybersecurity Policy Writing
  • Maritime Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Policy Writing
  • Incident Response Training

The Cybersecurity Assessment Team uses the following documents to help client organizations. The Cybersecurity Policy/Plan – Interview document includes questions that you would need to answer to write up your own policy or plan. The Incident Response Training includes the overview of incident response practices related to detection, analysis, containment, eradication, discovery, and post-incident activity.

For more information or to request our services, please email us at

Security Assessment Team Contact:

Dr. Betina Tagle, MCR Assistant Director and
Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity & Computer Information Systems


Although a Faculty Advisor oversees the relevant processes, our Cybersecurity students manage the projects, giving them hands-on experience, such as meeting with the client and providing the services requested, to project deliverables.


The information provided by the security assessment team and on the webpage is for your convenience only and is not intended as legal advice. Always seek assistance with legal and technical professionals in your organization.


NIST Computer Security Resource Center

NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Corner

NIST SP 800 Series Publications

SANS Information Security Resources

Cyberbit Range is the most widely deployed cyber security training and simulation platform for assessing cybersecurity professionals and students in a hyper-realistic simulated environment.

In 2019, the University of Maine at Augusta and Cyberbit collaborated to open the Maine Cyber Range powered by Cyberbit Range technology. Participants can face live cyber-attacks that will allow them to build their skills on how to best detect, stop, and remediate cybersecurity incidents.

Cyberbit is the world leading provider of cyber range training and simulation platforms, and the only provider of detection, response, automation and orchestration products across both IT and OT networks. Since founded in mid-2015 Cyberbit’s products were rapidly adopted by enterprises, governments, academic institutions and MSSPs around the world. Cyberbit is backed by Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT) and Claridge, and has offices in Israel, the US, Europe, and Asia.

Creating a Hyper-Realistic Training Environment

Cyberbit Range disrupts cybersecurity training with an immersive experience that simulates a real-world SOC and leverages real-world security and network infrastructure. Trainees use market-leading, commercially licensed security products, while a sophisticated attack generator runs a wide range of attacks. Cyberbit Range is the most advanced and widely used cyber simulation platform, providing a complete training stack that delivers, not only hyper-realistic simulation, but also a comprehensive trainer console, rich training scenarios, and advanced customization tools resulting in new levels of training that dramatically improve security team impact.

Rich Training Content for Any Cybersecurity Role

Cyberbit Range provides a wide selection of simulated training scenarios, for multiple industries, roles, certifications and skill levels–from beginner level to advanced incident response. Scenarios are tailored for multiple roles in the organization, including incident responders, analysts, red teams, business executives and students. Industrial control attack scenarios are available for critical infrastructure attack simulation.

A Complete Training Environment

Cyberbit Range is more than a simulation platform. It is the only fully-fledged cyber training environment, uniquely combining advanced simulation technology, comprehensive instruction toolsets, and content packages that address various training needs and attack scenarios. Instructor tools include debriefing, session recording and playback, trainee auto-scoring and evaluation, and real-time session control, such as triggering attacks or modifying their level of difficulty.

19 August 2019
UMA’s cybersecurity range makes state ‘world leader’

16 August 2019
UMA Opens Maine Cyber Range Training Center

16 August 2019
Senator King Launches New UMA Cyber Range Facility. Maine Cyber Range will empower students and local business community against modern cyberattack threat landscape.

15 August 2019
UMA’s new Maine Cyber Range signals cybersecurity training ‘revolution’

26 May 2019
Senator Angus King Discusses Cyberspace Solarium Commission with Rep. Mike Gallagher and UMA Prof. Henry Felch

06 May 2019
UMA and Cyberbit Announce New Maine Cyber Range

4 December 2019
The Security Assessment Team (SAT) and the State of Maine Office of Securities presented “Maine Investments Advisers & Cybersecurity–Taking it to the Next Level” conference at UMA. The SAT discussed implementing cybersecurity practices & protocols, and how best to prepare for an audit. SEC Regional Director, Paul Levenson, was guest speaker.

The Maine Cyber Range operates out of the Randall Student Center on the Augusta campus.

Email: | Phone: (207) 621-3006

View or download the Maine Cyber Range flyer and inquiry form here. Based on your inquiry, we will arrange a video conference or in-person meeting to discuss your needs.