Program Coordinator

Henry FelchHenry Felch

Title: Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems
Phone: (207) 621-3371

Faculty Mission

To achieve the mission of the Cybersecurity Program, the faculty and administration will:

  • Foster and fine-tune the curriculum and student selection process to optimize our role of being a bridge between technology, management, and society;
  • Deliver the curriculum through the intelligent use of synchronous, asynchronous learning instructional environments for both full-time and part-time students;
  • Promote appropriate student and professional responsibility through a multidisciplinary studies approach;
  • Promote instructional excellence that inspires our students to become successful Cybersecurity/Information Assurance practitioners;
  • Coordinate availability of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance coursework to assist Maine and the nation meet their demand for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance professionals;
  • Develop partnerships and alliances with external corporate and industry organizations for pursuing joint educational and research opportunities in Information Assurance;
  • Pursue research and grant opportunities in all areas related to Cybersecurity and Information Assurance;
  • Provide outreach opportunities to K-12 educational levels as well as other interested parties and organizations;
  • Promote Cybersecurity collaboration among colleges, government and industry.

Meet the Faculty & Staff

Henry J. Felch

Title: Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems

Originally I am from Maine, joined the Army and served 22 years as an Armor crewman on a M1A1 Abrams tank. I was stationed in many locations around the U.S., Europe, and Korea until I retired in 2004. I worked … Read More

Fred Strickland

Title: Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems

Betina Tagle

Title: Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity and Computer Information Systems
Expertise: Security, Architect, Auditing, Governance.

At age 29, my career in IT started with the US Navy as an Information System Technician (IT). During my time with the military I worked in several different areas of IT, from help desk technician, system administrator to network … Read More

Michele Weymouth

Title: Administrative Specialist CL3

I was born and raised in Augusta, Maine, graduating from Cony High School in 1990. After high school I joined the Army, serving in the Maine Army National Guard for 16 years as an admin/supply specialist & heavy equipment operator. … Read More

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Henry Felch
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Betina Tagle
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Jessica Chisolm
Adjunct Professor 2017-present

Dawn Ego
Adjunct Professor 2017-present

Dr. Raquel Hicks
Adjunct Professor 2014-present

Dr. Kelly Hughes
Adjunct Professor 2016-present

Chris Hull
Adjunct Professor 2013-present

Dr. Lauren Mayhew
Adjunct Professor 2000-present

Dr. Georgianna Shea
Adjunct Professor 2017-present

May 2016
Conclusion to an Intelligent Agent as an Economic Insider Threat Solution: AIMIE
Authors: Dr. Betina Tagle and Dr. Henry Felch
Eleventh International Conference on Tackling Society’s Grand Challenges with Design Science, Volume 9661

July 2015
Experiences with Establishment of a Multi-University Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense
Co-Author: Dr. Henry Felch
WorldComp 2015 Conference, July 2015, Las Vegas NV

May 2015
Exploring an Agent as an Economic Insider Threat Solution
Authors: Dr. Betina Tagle and Dr. Henry Felch
Tenth International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology

Jan 2014
Methodology for Detecting Advanced Persistent Threats in Oracle Databases
Co-Author: Dr. Henry Felch
International Journal of Strategic Information Technology and Applications, Volume 5, Issue 1