All applicants planning research at UMA that qualifies under the definition of “human subjects” must complete the required UMA IRB human subjects research application.

1. CITI Certification

Investigator completes his or her Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certification.

2. Informed Consent

Investigator prepares the appropriate Informed Consent Form (ICF). Advisors must sign the ICF for student investigators.

3. IRB Application

Investigator prepares the UMA IRB Application and submits it with ICF, CITI certificate, and other appropriate documents.

4. Sponsoring Agency

If a sponsoring agency is involved, include a copy of the proposal and budget the investigator submitted for funding.

5. Advisor Approval

Student investigators must include a letter from the Advisor indicating that the Advisor approves the project, research, or thesis proposal.

6. Chair Review

The IRB chair reviews applications to determine

  • Is this research?
  • Is this excluded research?
  • Is this human subject research?
  • Is this exempt human subject research?
  • Does this require full board review?

7. Exemption Status

If statute does not require full board review, the IRB Chair will contact the investigator(s) within two weeks of receipt to advise or ask clarifying questions. Approval timelines will vary from proposal to proposal.

8. Full Review

If statute requires full board review, application materials will go to board members and the IRB will discuss the application as part of the next appropriate agenda. Please refer to the meeting dates and full board review deadlines on the IRB website.

9. Board Approval

If the board finds there are missing components, has concerns, or has questions, the IRB will return the material to the principal researcher and advisor if applicable.

10. Provost Review

Once approved, the IRB will forward the forms to the Provost who will review the final version and sign as the President’s designee.

11. Provost Approval

The Provost’s Office will notify applicant of approval or disapproval. The Provost’s Office will return consent form(s) to the Principal Investigator with an IRB approval stamp which will indicate approval/expiration dates. Investigators may only use consent documents bearing a valid IRB approval for enrollment of research subjects. The Provost’s Office will keep copies of all approved forms.

Questions regarding research applications should be sent to the Chair of the IRB, Sara Flowers, at, and cc’d to the Provost’s office at