The welfare of human subjects in research is the core mission of UMA’s Institutional Review Board. We are charged by the University of Maine System and federal government in statute to function as an ethics committee. This board is responsible reviewing proposals before human subject research is conducted and for monitoring the welfare those subjects during the research.

The IRB assumes that both participants and primary investigators have an adequate understanding of ethics or know where to get it. Before research is conducted, an application is submitted to the IRB. The IRB considers its responsibilities in review of the application. The IRB will then either approve or disapprove the research protocols. The process for review is based on rules and regulations for federally funded research (the Protection of Human Subject in the Code of Federal Regulations – 45 CFR 46) and supporting guidance such as the Belmont Report and CITI training.

Most human subjects research at the University of Maine at Augusta falls under one of these exemption categories.

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What is the IRB’s Mission?

The University of Maine at Augusta’s Institutional Review Board is the institutional body vested and charged with protecting the rights and welfare of persons participating in human subjects research conducted at, or affiliated with UMA.

What types of research needs IRB review and approval at UMA?

All human subject research must receive approval from UMA’s IRB prior to the research being conducted. Therefore, if your research meets the definitions of both research and human subjects, you must go through the IRB process.

What is the IRB Process?

There are a number of steps required to receive IRB approval for your research. Please click here to review the process and access the application form.

UMA Specific IRB Resources:

UMA Institutional Review Board Membership 2019/20

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