The Research Support & Development Committee at UMA supports faculty and staff in making time for their scholarly research by hosting twice-weekly one-hour Zoom™ meetings at noon. The regular Zoom™ meeting room allows staff and faculty a focused time and space to work on research and writing. After a 5-minute opening in which participants can check in with each other, propose breakout groups for co-working if they choose, or attend to other logistics, 50 minutes of quiet, focused time will begin. During this time, please respect the focused atmosphere of the group and support the work of your peers by prioritizing your own research and/or writing, and keeping your mic (and possibly video) muted to reduce distractions. If you need to communicate with group members, please do so using the chat feature, or using the RD&S GChat group chat. At the conclusion of the hour, participants can check in for five minutes to discuss their progress and give each other kudos for their hard work.

Join faculty and staff Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM and move ahead with your research! You can click the button below to add these events to your Google calendar.

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Kati Corlew, Associate Professor of Psychology, TEM Program Coordinator

Student Test Performance: This study explores the relationship between identity, cognitive and emotional states, and academic performance. This study explores testing outcomes under a variety of conditions. Participants will be asked to complete an exam. Prior to the exam, they will be randomly assigned to one of several possible activities. They will also be asked a variety of questions regarding their emotional and cognitive state. Co-Principal Investigator Kaitlyn Reynolds (UMA Alumna)

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Timothy Surrette, Associate Professor of Education

The goal of this project is to create and sustain a virtual community of practice (CoP) during the 2021 – 2022 academic school year. This CoP will provide various forms of professional and social support to a group that includes two Fall 2021 UMA pre-service (student) teachers and four former UMA students beginning their first year of teaching in the Fall of 2021 in the state of Maine. The objective of the CoP is to provide the six participants opportunities for professional, social, and emotional growth and/or support during the 2021 – 2022 school year (August, 21 – June, 22).

Amy Rahn, PhD, ChairAssistant Professor of Art History and Charles Danforth Gallery Director