The UMA Financial Aid Office administers federal, state and university aid programs to assist eligible students finance their UMA education.


No student should fail to attend college because the student cannot afford a college education. The UMA Financial Aid office administers many programs; therefore, a student and their family should not assume that a college education is beyond their reach due to financial concerns.

The process of applying for financial aid and the types of available aid differ depending on what year you are, what degree you are pursuing, and the semester that you are requesting financial aid. Below are the steps you need to follow to begin the financial aid process.

2022/23 Financial Aid Navigator

2022 Financial AId Navigator

Step 1: Apply for Financial Aid using the FAFSA (UMA Federal School Code is 006760).

Complete the FAFSA

Step 2: Understand the different types of available aid.

Step 3: Understand your tuition and expenses.

Step 4: Check for important dates and deadlines.

Step 5: Contact your Financial Aid Counselor with any questions.

Financial Aid Basics

FAFSA & Verification

Eligibility Criteria

Receiving Your Aid

Financial Aid Glossary

Net Cost Calculator