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Message from Provost – Spring 2020 Grading Option Form

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Dear UMA Community,

As was mentioned in my March 20, 2020 memo, to help reduce stress in these trying times, a Pass/Fail grading system will be an option for students to choose by May 1, 2020. To request a Pass/Fail grade, students must submit the online Pass/Fail grade form.

I strongly urge all students to discuss this option with your professor and your advisor. This option should only be used to support progress for the student toward graduation.

Due to accreditation standards, a Pass/Fail grade may not be eligible in some degree programs and may impact athletic eligibility. Athletes should consult with the Athletic Director.

Finally, I am asking that all faculty communicate to students in their classes this pass/fail option.


Joseph Szakas, PhD
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost