An adaptation of the Teach-In series as outlined in Inside Higher Ed, UMA’s Presidential Teach-Ins aim to help new leaders understand the culture, challenges, and opportunities in the UMA community. It has the added benefit of providing a community-building moment for everyone at the university who would like to learn more about what other units do, and the unit’s relationship to the university’s mission and strategic plan.

How We Teach

In this session, discover how UMA’s Academic Services Unit (ASU) supports the ways in which our university employs technology, learning design, and academic support to advance our academic programs. The ASU comprises various cross-functional teams, forming a large collaborative unit working both behind the scenes and directly with faculty, staff, and students to enhance success. We discuss the structure and teamwork within the ASU, technology management for better teaching and learning, and share a peek into our strategic thinking for the future, emphasizing how our collective efforts contribute to UMA’s advancement.

Where We Teach

This session will covers UMA Centers and the various populations we service. With eight UMA Centers across the state, over 50% of UMA students are served by a Center. Each Center is positioned to meet the unique needs of its geographic area. In addition to providing enrollment access and support services locally, Centers are also actively involved in the communities we serve including adult education programs, community partners, and chambers of commerce. This session provides an overview of how the Centers meet UMA’s mission and will also highlight some of the unique programs and services at individual Centers.

Who We Teach

In this session, discover how UMA learns more about the students we serve at UMA! This session highights several student populations, and includes a student panel.

What We Teach

This session discusses UMA’s graduate programs.