2019-20 Academic Theme: Dirigo

Maine State Flag & Motto - Dirigo - I Lead

The Annual Academic Theme: An Introduction

Since its inception in 1994, the University of Maine at Augusta theme has brought our communities together for numerous activities and programs. Beginning in 2006, an annual colloquium of faculty members has chosen the theme and a corresponding reading to share with other faculty, students, staff, and the larger community. We feature discussions in and outside of our classes and organize events in order to promote larger conversations about the theme. These events have provided a platform for multiple voices to be heard on such significant topics as health and social justice, immigration, and bioethics.

The UMA Colloquium is pleased to announce that the 2019-2020 academic theme is DIRIGO.

Dirigo  (Latin “I direct” or “I lead”) is the state motto of Maine, as Maine was once the only state to hold its elections in September.  Maine celebrates its Bicentennial in 2020.

UMA's 2019 Academic Theme Book - When We Were the Kennedys by Monica Wood

The Academic Theme is addressed at Convocation in the fall and then through the spring INT/HON seminar, culminating at the UMA Student Research Conference in April. Another component of this year’s academic theme is the adoption of a single theme-related book by a number of classes across the curriculum: When We Were the Kennedys: A Memoir from Mexico, Maine, by Monica Wood.

Thanks to all the faculty colloquium participants this year: Robert Bernheim, Cindy Dean, Sandra Haggard, Les French, Gary Page, Matt Dube, Wendy St. Pierre, Elizabeth Powers, Sharon Sawyer, and Kay Retzlaff.

Lisa Botshon & Lorien Lake-Corral
2019-20 Colloquium Co-Chairs

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