BSN Collaborative Program

The Partners in Nursing Education (PINE) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program is a collaboration between the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) and the University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK).

The curriculum is provided by UMFK and taught at UMA’s Augusta campus and online. This program will not require travel to Fort Kent. This program is a combination of traditional classroom lectures, laboratory credits, and clinical experience.

The University of Maine at Fort Kent Baccalaureate Program was granted accreditation in November 2012 by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The next evaluation is scheduled for Fall 2022.

Program Highlights:

  • Students will matriculate and register through UMA for the first year of the program, then transition to UMFK for years two through four.
  • The nursing course sequence is distributed over a four-year cycle. There is no accelerated option. It may be possible to attend part-time while completing the first half of the program if students have prior college credits and/or attend summer semesters.
  • Clinical placements (3rd and 4th year) will be primarily in the Central Maine region.
  • The degree will be awarded by UMFK. Graduates of the program will be eligible to sit for the RN licensure exam.

Program Eligibility:

  • 2 years of high school lab science (Biology, Chemistry, A&P) with a grade of C or higher, or one semester of college General Biology or A&P 1 with a grade of C or higher.
  • Completion of ENG 100 (grade of C or higher) or waiver through placement testing
  • Completion of MAT 030 or MAT 015 (grade of C or higher) or waiver through placement testing
  • Cumulative (all past college history, including non-regionally accredited institutions) GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Students who are transferring from another nursing program (ASN or BSN), must include with their application a letter from a previous faculty member, preferably a nursing faculty, and addressed to the Division of Nursing.  The letter must indicate that the student left the institution(s) in good academic standing, and in that faculty member’s best estimation, the student is capable of completing the nursing major within a four-year period.

Program Admission Process:

All application materials must be submitted to UMA by January 31st. Each year, initial reviews will take place by March 1st, with first offers made by April 1st for the ensuing fall semester. Additional reviews and offers of admission will occur as long as space remains in the nursing program. There are no deferral options (which means postpone admission). Each student will be sent a letter from the Nursing program in response to the review. Students not offered a seat in the program, and/or admissible after the class is full, will remain in the Liberal Studies Pre-Nursing track until the next review.

As of 6/6/17, the UMA/UMFK PINE Nursing program is full for the 2017/18 academic year.
All eligible applicants will be considered for the 2018/19 academic year.

Review Ranking Criteria:

High School Applicants (or current college students who have graduated HS in the year prior to the review*)

  • Cumulative GPA (If the high school GPA is on a 100 point scale, conversion to grade and grade GPA will be used. i.e. if an 86 = B, 3.0 will be used for rating)
  • First year HS Science (Biology with Lab, Chemistry, or A&P)
  • Second year HS Science (Biology with Lab, Chemistry, or A&P)
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II (or second math)
  • English (average grade of the four years)
  • 2-years of Foreign Language (used as a preference criteria)
  • Social Science (used as a preference criteria)

Current College Student Applicants (or transfer students)

  • Cumulative GPA (All previous college transcripts will be calculated together to get a student’s cumulative GPA. If a student has a college record that brings the cumulative GPA )
  • BIO 110 General Biology or A&P**
  • BIO 321 Microbiology**
  • MAT 100-level course** (If a student has completed more than one math course, the averaged grade is used.)
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology**
  • PSY 308 Human Development**
  • Prior Bachelor’s Degree = 1 point
  • Prior Master’s Degree = 1 point

* If a student who graduated high school the year prior to review (aka June of 2016 for a February 2017 review) and has completed college courses, they will be reviewed both as a high school applicant and a current college student applicant. The review that garners the highest ranking will be considered in the review process.

** Only courses accepted for credit will be rated. Courses taken at non-regionally accredited institutions will not be given points in the review process. GPA earned at non-accredited institutions will still be calculated into the cumulative GPA for review and eligibility.

Point System per Grades:
A/A- = 5 points
B+/B/B- = 4 points
C+/C = 3 points

Point System per GPA:
3.7-4.0 = 5 points
3.3-3.69 = 4 points
2.9-3.29 = 3 points
2.5-2.89 = 2 points


BSN Collaborative Program Curricula

The nursing program curriculum helps prepare students to take the RN licensure examination. Here is a look at the general education and support requirements, and nursing core courses.

General Education & Support Requirements:

  • BIO 110 (UMA) or BIO 220 (UMFK) – Anatomy & Physiology I
  • BIO 210 (UMA) or BIO 221 (UMFK) – Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIO 321 (UMA) or BIO 353 (UMFK) – Microbiology
  • BIO 345 (UMA) or BIO 401 (UMFK) – Pathophysiology
  • BIO 368 (UMFK) – Genomics for Nursing Majors (replaces Human Nutrition, effective Fall17)
  • CHY 100, 108, 115 (UMA) or CHY 100 (UMFK) – Chemistry
  • CIS 100 (UMA) with COS103C (UMFK) or COS 103 (UMFK) – Information Technology
  • COM 101, 102 (UMA) or COM 200 (UMFK) – Communications
  • ENG 101 (UMA) or ENG 100 (UMFK) – English Composition I
  • ENG 101 (UMFK) – English Composition II
  • ENG 102W (UMA) or ENG 105 (UMFK) – Introduction to Literature
  • Foreign Language (May need 6 credits total. Must reach level two of language sequence)
  • HTY 103, 104, 105, 106 (UMA) or HTY 100, 101, 102, 103 (UMFK) – US History or Western Civilization
  • MAT elective (UMA) or (UMFK) – Math elective (100 level or higher)
  • MAT 115 (UMA) or MAT 351 (UMFK) – Statistics
  • PSY 100 (UMA) or (UMFK) – General Psychology
  • PSY 308 (UMA) or (UMFK) – Human Development
  • Visual & Performing Arts or Philosophy

Nursing Core Courses:

  • HLT 386 (UMFK) – Healthcare Policy
  • HLT 407 (UMFK) – Leadership & Management
  • NUR 200 (UMA) or (UMFK) – Introduction to Professional Nursing
  • NUR 201L (UMA) or (UMFK) – Fundamental Skills of Nursing Lab I (or NUR 212L for CNA’s)
  • NUR 202L (UMA) or (UMFK) – Fundamental Skills of Nursing Lab II
  • NUR 230 (UMA) or (UMFK) – Personal Health & Wellness
  • NUR 301 (UMFK) – Healthy Rural Communities
  • NUR 302 (UMFK) – Pharmacology
  • NUR 309 (UMFK) – Holistic Health Assessment w/Lab
  • NUR 330 (UMFK) – Adult Health I w/Lab and Clinical
  • NUR 335 (UMFK) – Family Health I w/Clinical
  • NUR 360 (UMFK) – Adult Health II w/Lab and Clinical
  • NUR 365 (UMFK) – Family Health II w/Clinical
  • NUR 380 (UMFK) – Transcultural Care in Nursing
  • NUR 401 (UMFK) – Health Related Research
  • NUR 425 (UMFK) – Adult Health III w/Lab and Clinical
  • NUR 425 (UMFK) – Mental Health Nursing w/Clinical
  • NUR 497 (UMFK) – Senior Capstone
  • NUR 497C (UMFK) – Senior Preceptorship Practicum