What do people do with a Social Science degree?

Because the scope of Social Science is as broad as society itself, the range of possibilities for a purpose-driven career and a meaningful life with a Social Science degree is staggeringly wide. What do people do with a Social Science degree? Among other things, they:

  • Address food insecurity
  • Advocate for better policy
  • Agitate for human rights
  • Anticipate breakdowns in public safety
  • Archive history as it happens
  • Break into business
  • Bring communities together
  • Broaden horizons
  • Call on clients in social work
  • Collect data for the government
  • Consult to improve workplaces
  • Cultivate connections
  • Direct social programs
  • Divert bullying and violence
  • Draft legislation
  • Enter academics
  • Head to law school
  • Hear others’ stories
  • Help organ donation drives work better
  • Imagine alternatives
  • Improve childhood outcomes
  • Invent new forms of social media
  • Measure inequality
  • Mediate conflicts
  • Mentor the next generation
  • Notice difference
  • Open clinical practice
  • Organize
  • Prevent and treat substance abuse
  • Release breaking news
  • Respond to natural and human disasters
  • Run for public office
  • Serve as victim advocates
  • Speak truth to power
  • Spotlight injustice in the criminal justice system
  • Stop epidemics
  • Teach what they know
  • Track aging populations
  • Work as lobbyists

We care. We think. We research. And then we act. Through this combination, in ways large and small, we change the world.

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