Waivers are similar to entitlement programs. If a student meets certain criteria, the student is not required to pay some portion of University tuition and, in some cases, fees.

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees has established a number of different tuition and fee waiver programs for the benefit of students attending University of Maine System campuses, including the University of Maine at Augusta.

Waivers are similar to entitlement programs. If a student meets certain criteria, the student is not required to pay some portion of University tuition and, in some cases, fees.

Tuition waivers do not ordinarily apply to non-credit courses, although exceptions can be made for University System employees and for senior citizens. Each university campus retains the right to designate those non-credit courses to which tuition waivers will not apply.

For a complete listing and detailed description of all of the waivers available at UMA, please see the Annual Report of Student Financial Aid. Copies are available in the Student Financial Services Office located in the Randall Student Center.

Types of Waivers

Waivers covering tuition and mandatory fees are available for members of the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes and other persons who have resided in Maine for at least one year and who have at least one parent or grandparent on the census of a North American Native American tribe or with a band number of the Micmac or Malacite Tribes. In addition, room and board charges are subsidized for those eligible students residing in University residence facilities. Native American Scholarship Program funds when combined with other forms of assistance provided cannot exceed total costs of education. Additional qualifications may apply.

Students admitted to UMA who indicate they might be eligible for the waiver program should work with the Wabanaki Center and their staff to complete the application process. Program guidelines, and the application are available directly off their website, https://naps.umaine.edu/.

For questions on the program and application process contact University of Maine System, Native American Program Waiver Coordinator at the Wabanaki Center, Orono ME, by phone at (207) 581-4760 or by email at john.b.mitchell@maine.edu.

Students who are approved to participate in the Native American Waiver program will be required to complete the Native American Tuition Waiver Agreement and the Student Release Form. Please contact the UMA Native American Waiver Coordinator, Jamie Santiago, via email or by phone at 207 621-3244, to complete these final steps of the process.

For persons over sixty-five years of age who wish to register for undergraduate courses on a credit or non-credit basis. Enrollment will be subject to space availability and course specific fees are the responsibility of the applicant. Contact the UMA Registrar’s Office.

Encourages students whose presence would enhance the University experience for all students. Recipients may be gifted scholars, accomplished artists, outstanding athletes, or from groups significantly under-represented at a university.

For eligible members of the USS Maine’s crew, their spouses, and dependent children, limited to the initial crew and those assigned to the ship within one year of its commissioning.

For students currently attending Maine High Schools, whether private or public (or being home schooled in Maine homes), and adult education diploma candidates who are within one calendar year of diploma completion. The waiver is for one half the tuition rate.

Traditional high school students must have school approval, parental approval, a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of B or better and junior or senior standing. Adult education students must have approval from the adult education director and/or counselor and must have maintained a B or above average in their adult education course work. Students can take any academic course for which they have met the course prerequisites as long as there is space available, up to a maximum of two courses or six credit hours (whichever is greater) per semester during their junior and senior years. Adult education students may enroll in up to two courses or six credit hours (whichever is greater) per semester for a maximum of two semesters (i.e., a maximum of four courses or twelve credit hours total, whichever is greater).

The program is limited to regular university courses taught by University faculty through direct, on-site instruction at a University of Maine System university or center during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters only).

High School Aspirations Waiver Application form

Tuition and mandatory fees and lab fees will be waived for eligible orphans, widows & widowers of veterans as well as spouses and children of veterans who are disabled, missing in action, etc. Initial eligibility is determined by the Veterans Affairs Office of the State of Maine. Students must be enrolled in an associate, bachelor, or master degree program.

A member of the Maine National Guard who has met the requirements of the law and is attending a state postsecondary education institution qualifies for in-state tuition rates, regardless of the state of residence.

Tuition will be waived for eligible students but will be limited to undergraduate degree programs and shall be limited to the earlier of not more than five years of full-time enrollment or its equivalent, or receipt of a Baccalaureate Degree. A person desiring a tuition waiver should apply to the Department of Education for determination of eligibility.

Tuition will be waived for eligible Maine students who have applied for federal student financial aid. These students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or certificate program of at least one year and not been enrolled full-time for more than five years or the equivalent. A person desiring a tuition waiver should apply to the Finance Authority of Maine for determination of eligibility.

University System employees may be eligible to take up to two (2) courses per semester not to exceed four (4) credit hours per course.

Dependents of full-time regular University System employees not represented by a bargaining agent, or as provided in a collective bargaining agreement qualify for a 50% tuition waiver. Must be enrolled at the University of Maine System on a full-time basis.

Regional cooperation among New England State Universities permits the payment of 150% of in-state tuition by all New England students accepted for study in this program.

All Canadian students (graduate and undergraduate) from all provinces will be charged 150% of the in-state tuition rate.

There are numerous exchange programs whereby students typically can attend another institution for one year or less and normally pay the host institution resident tuition rate or a rate consistent with the terms of the program.