Enrollment in the UMA Volunteer Program requires the following:

  1. The UMA Volunteer Program is open to UMA in-state undergraduate students ages 18-64 who have applied to attend UMA only and are completing their first Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. In-state students under age 18 should check with their local high schools about utilizing the Early College Program and students age 65 and older can use the UMA Senior Waiver.
  2. A student CANNOT be working as a work-study or departmentally funded student per the Fair Labor Standards Act, which prohibits an employee from volunteering for their employer. All work-study students are University employees. Once a student has worked as a work-study or departmentally funded student, they are not able to volunteer/return to be a volunteer again.
  3. All UMA Volunteer Program volunteer hours must be submitted and used within one year of earning. After one year, hours will be forfeited.
  4. Student/potential student must complete the Application for UMA Volunteer Program and contact the UMA Director of Financial Aid. Student cannot begin volunteering until the director has signed the application and forwarded it to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. The Volunteer Program Coordinator will contact the supervisor of the volunteer once the form has been signed and submitted to let them know the volunteer is now able to begin their volunteer hours.
  5. From the UMA website or by working with staff, faculty, or a department directly at UMA in Augusta, Bangor, or any UMA Center or site, the student/potential student should find a position they’re interested in volunteering at and give their completed application and a copy of resume, career plans, or work experience to the supervisor.
  6. A completed application and resume, career plans, or work experience are sent to the Volunteer Program Coordinator.
  7. Each week the student/potential student must complete the UMA Volunteer Contribution Card (time sheet). There are four weeks on the card. Once it is completed, it must be signed by the volunteer and the supervisor (and Center Director if applicable) and sent to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. Both the volunteer and the supervisor should keep copies of the UMA Volunteer Contribution Card for future reference.
  8. Volunteers are only allowed to volunteer up to 20 hours per week.
  9. The student/potential student must complete all required volunteer hours to cover the cost of their chosen class(es) before the tuition waiver can be submitted The waiver has no value until it has been completed and submitted to the Volunteer Program Coordinator.
Volunteer HoursCredits Earned
201 credit
402 credits
603 credits, one regular UMA course
804 credits, one UMA laboratory science course
1005 credits
1206 credits, two regular UMA courses, ½ time enrollment
1407 credits
1608 credits, two UMA laboratory science courses
1809 credits, three regular UMA courses, ¾ time enrollment
20010 credits
22011 credits
24012 credits, maximum of four 3-credit courses, full-time enrollment
  1. Upon completion of the required volunteer hours needed for the student/potential students chosen class(es), Section I of the Request for Volunteer Tuition Waiver must be completed by the volunteer then given to the supervisor to complete Section II. The supervisor will then forward the form to the Volunteer Program Coordinator for final approval, who will then send the form to the UMA Student Account Office so the waiver can be applied to the student’s account.
  2. It is imperative that a student who is receiving financial aid check with UMA’s Financial Aid Director to see how the value of the tuition waiver may affect their Financial Aid award.
  3. All volunteer hours earned are for upcoming semesters and cannot be used for past semesters.
  4. The UMA Volunteer Program rules and regulations are subject to change as warranted.
  5. The UMA Volunteer Program is non-refundable. A student can’t receive a refund from this program! It is to be utilized as a stop-gap to assist students in paying their tuition who have no other means to do so. Examples: students ineligible to file a FAFSA, or other sources of funding, such as VA Benefits and/or federal financial aid, have been exhausted.
  6. The UMA Volunteer Program waiver is not stackable. Only one waiver can be used by a student per semester. If a student is using another waiver, they may not use this waiver in the same semester.
  7. The UMA Volunteer Program can be discontinued without notice.
  8. Any questions about the UMA Volunteer Program should be directed to Lynn I. Poor, Volunteer Program Coordinator, (207) 753-6605 or by email at umavolunteer@maine.edu.