Exit Interview Information for Direct/FFELP Stafford, Perkins and/or Nursing Loans

Federal regulations require less-than-half-time students, who have received Perkins/Nursing/Direct/FFELP Stafford Loans while attending the University of Maine at Augusta, to be informed that they need to complete an exit interview for each loan type advanced.  This notification occurs when students’ credit hours drop below a half-time basis or if they have graduated, withdrawn, or transferred to another school.

The exit interview is designed to provide the student with valuable counseling and information regarding the terms of repayment.  As students enter their grace period and begin the repayment process of their loans, the first step is to complete an exit interview.

Other resources, to supplement the online materials:

  • If you’re looking for specifics pertaining to your lender, loan servicer, or amounts borrowed, you may access the NSLDS database at the nslds.ed.gov website.
  • The U.S. Department of Education has created a resource to help borrowers who have disputed the terms of their loan in writing, and who have not had this dispute resolved by their lender.  The resource is the Office of the Ombudsman and they may be contacted by email at fsaombudsmanoffice@ed.gov.
  • The Direct Loan Servicing Center is available to answer general questions about your direct loan or to obtain specifics about changes in your loan status or terms.  They may be reached at 1-800-848-0979 or visit their website at https://studentloans.gov.
  • And your Financial Services Office, here at the University of Maine at Augusta, is available at 621-3412.