Quick Review of Add/Drop and Withdrawal Policies:

The University of Maine system stipulates terms related to the reversal of charges as a result of students dropping a course(s) or withdrawing entirely. To review the Administrative Practice Letter, please click here.

It is important to note that the student must contact the University within predefined time limits to officially request the drop/withdrawal be processed. For classes 12 weeks in length or longer, students have the first two weeks after the beginning of the semester/session to drop a class and receive a full reversal of tuition and fees. The ability to change registration on Mainestreet is disallowed after the end of the 2-week add/drop period. Messages left on voicemail are not acceptable, and deciding to not attend classes without notification will not initiate a reversal of charges.

In accordance with federal financial aid regulations, a reduction in credit hours may often result in a subsequent reduction in aid. Students are encouraged to contact the financial aid office to gain a full understanding of the impacts pertaining to a change in credit hours. Such financial aid calculations due to changes in enrolled credit hours from credit hours used in the calculation of aid award may result in the student owing a balance to the University.

Withdrawal is defined as students who give official communication to Enrollment Services of their withdrawal to the University after a semester/session begins (the student is withdrawing from ALL classes and is leaving the University).

Charges are reversed on a declining percentage basis on a predefined time schedule as follows:

No adjustments are generated and all charges remain due for courses dropped beyond the above mentioned add/drop period. Should a student withdraw entirely, adjustments to charges are as follows:

Classes 12 Weeks or Longer Prior To Reduction
Prior to the end of the second week 14 days 100%
Prior to the end of the fourth week 28 days 75%
Prior to the end of the sixth week 42 days 50%
Prior to the end of the eighth week 56 days 25%
After the eighth week 57 days 0%
Classes 11 Weeks or Less Prior To Reduction
11 weeks in length: 11 days 100%
10 weeks in length: 10 days 100%
9 weeks in length: 9 days 100%
8 weeks in length: 8 days 100%
7 weeks in length: 7 days 100%
6 weeks in length: 6 days 100%
5 weeks in length: 5 days 100%
4 weeks in length: 4 days 100%
3 weeks in length: 3 days 100%
2 weeks in length: 2 days 100%
1 week in length: 1 day 100%

*** No additional adjustments to tuition and fees are authorized on classes 11 weeks or less when the withdrawal occurs after the schedule listed above.***

Tuition and Fees Appeals

To make efficient use of your time and the University’s, please review our billing policies and understand the parameters of the appeal process as described below before completing and submitting a Student Appeals Form.

Drops and withdrawals are categorized as either voluntary or involuntary. Appeal determinations for involuntary drops/withdrawals are generally favorable and are outlined in the Administrative Practice Letter: Tuition, Room and Board, and Fee Refunds.

An ad hoc Appeals Committee comprised of appropriate University personnel meets twice a month to review appeals received from students requesting deviation from the standard drop/withdrawal procedures. Students must complete and return the Student Appeal Form, along with required documents. Normally, requests for refunds of tuition and fees will be considered for up to 90 days after the close of the semester/session for which the student is claiming a refund.

Examples of involuntary appeals, and corresponding required documentation, include:

  1. Entering involuntarily to active duty into the armed services: The request for withdrawal must be substantiated with copies of military orders that show proof of date of entry. The individual’s commanding officer or another appropriate official must sign the orders.
  2. Illness of the student or an immediate family member: A physician’s certification on official practice letterhead must be provided stating the student’s or family member’s illness that required the student withdrawal and in the case of student illness, a statement indicating the illness prevented the student from completing course work.
  3. Death of the student or an immediate member of the student’s family: Appropriate documentation must accompany the request for withdrawal.
  4. Involuntary transfer by the student’s employer that precluded continued enrollment (military branches of the service are considered employers under this section): The request for withdrawal must be substantiated by appropriate documentation from the employer.

Every effort is made to apply University policies fairly and consistently. Appeals received pertaining to voluntary withdrawals are less likely to be granted, unless extenuating circumstances (for example, failed technologies) prevail.

Students will receive a confirmation indicating receipt of the appeal form and the expected date of review by the Appeals Committee. The student will also receive a written communication indicating the final appeal determination.

Late Fee Appeals

Late fees are given to all students that do not have a payment plan or financial aid in place by the payment due date each semester. If you believe that you have extenuating circumstances that warrant a review of your account with the possible removal of the late fee, you may fill out the Late Fee Appeal Form. Only one appeal form is necessary to appeal all late fees accrued in the same semester. Please keep in mind:

  1. Accounts will not be reviewed until they are paid in full.
  2. Approvals are generally only granted as a one-time exception.
  3. Students will not be contacted if the appeal is approved; please monitor your MaineStreet account.
  4. Students who are denied will be notified via email.
  5. Processing of late fee appeals takes a minimum of two weeks.

Please return the Late Fee Appeal form by email (STUDENTACCOUNTS@Maine.edu) or mail (46 University Dr. Augusta, ME, 04330).