The University of Maine at Augusta has been assigned official E-911 addresses by the City of Augusta. Below are the physical addresses for emergency fire and rescue purposes. The mailing address for UMA will remain 46 University Drive.

Stoddard House
10 Community Drive

Civic Center (UMA Section)
76 Community Drive Suite 2

5 Farmhouse Drive

Ceramics Studio (Pottery Shop)
6 Farmhouse Drive

Campus Center (Upper – Women Work and Community)
16 Farmhouse Drive Suite 1

Campus Center (Lower – Photo Lab)
16 Farmhouse Drive Suite 2

ModIII (Photography)
17 Farmhouse Drive

Mod IV (Mail Room)
19 Farmhouse Drive

Four Bay Garage
21 Farmhouse Drive

Katz Library
20 Jewett Drive Suite 1

Klahr Center
20 Jewett Drive Suite 2

Jewett Hall
42 Jewett Drive

Mod II
51 Jewett Drive

Mod I
53 Jewett Drive

Fine Arts
55 Jewett Drive

Art Building (Formerly Art & Architecture)
59 Jewett Drive

Robinson Hall
37 University Drive

Richard J. Randall Student Technology Center
70 University Drive