The removal of snow and ice from all campus walkways, entrances and parking lots is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Department. These areas are cleared as soon as possible during and after a storm.

If you see an area that seems icy or needs snow removal, please contact security at ext 3400 and let them know where the area is. They will notify Facilities and get someone there as soon as possible.

Be sure to sign up for the UMA Alerts to be alerted if we close campus due to the weather.

Snow Removal Procedures

January 23, 2009

Snow removal operations will start at the discretion of the supervisor on duty. Personnel will be assigned areas of responsibility with the task of plowing and or shoveling of snow and sanding as required.

  • Groundskeeper is responsible for seeing all equipment is maintained in a readied state throughout the winter weather season.
  • Facilities Director and Building Services Supervisor will make the call as to when the Day Crew will be called in. plowing assignments will be handed out when reporting in during the storm event.
  • All walkway cleanup will be done using snow throwing Equipment.
  • All entrances will be scraped and salted one hour prior to the Campus Opening or for the change of classes as needed.
  • All Fire Exits, Hydrants will be cleared of snow & ice buildup prior to opening of buildings.
  • Entire entrances are to be completely cleaned, no narrow paths to the doors!
  • All curbing and other transition points from road surface to sidewalks shall be scraped cleaned and sanded.
  • Snow is to be piled on the lower elevations of parking areas.
  • Snow is to be pushed or blown away from buildings and pad mount transformers.
  • Groundskeeper and Laborer is responsible for any additional clean up after the storm.
  • Do not stack snow at roadway, parking lot, islands or walkway intersections.