If it becomes necessary to provide an individual on campus with medical treatment, students, faculty, and administrative staff are advised not to transport the individual to the hospital. The procedure to follow in such an emergency is:

Step 1: Dial “911” from University of Maine at Augusta phones, and “911” from UMA Bangor phones.

State the following slowly and clearly:

  • State you have a medical emergency.
  • Describe the nature of the injury or illness.
  • Describe the location of the victim.
  • State your name.
  • State your phone number.
  • Stay on the telephone until told by the emergency operator to hang up. You may be asked to provide additional information regarding the emergency.

Step 2: Call 207-621-3400 to report the emergency to Security at UMA, and 207-262-7777 to report the emergency at UMA Bangor.

Step 3: Have someone stand outside the building to meet with emergency personnel.

Step 4: Don’t move the victim unless conditions pose further injury.

Revised: 08/03/2023