The UMA Writing Center supports writers and fosters a culture of writing at UMA, both in person and online.

Led by UMA writing faculty and staffed by undergraduate students, the Writing Center offers UMA writers (students from all majors) a point of connection on the Augusta campus. Stop by to

  • plan and outline a writing project,
  • gain an outside reader’s perspective on a draft,,
  • learn tips and tricks for academic writing conventions and proofreading strategies,
  • connect with campus community members for candy and conversation!

Meet With Us


Fall 2022
September 6 – December 9

Katz Library 206

Mon. 9am – 4pm
Tues. 9am – 4pm
Wed. 10am – 4pm
Thurs. 9am – 4pm
Fri. 9am – 1pm

Email consultations are helpful for writers seeking asynchronous feedback on drafts in progress.

In-person and Zoom consultations are helpful for writers interested in having a conversation ‘in real time’ about any writing project at any point in the process.

Email, in-person, and Zoom consultations can be requested through this form. Walk-ins to Katz 206 are welcome.