Corinne Dingley

Corinne Dingley

Adjunct Faculty

Staff Placeholder

Peter Dixon

Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball

Matthew Dube

Matthew P. Dube

Associate Professor in Data Science, Computer Information Systems, and Applied Mathematics

Spatial Informatics, Applied Data Science, Data Literacy/Ethics, Human Factors Design.

Joe Duchette

Joseph Duchette

Classroom and Desktop Support Specialist

Staff Placeholder

Baron Dyer

Part-Time Faculty

Tricia Dyer

Tricia S. Dyer

207.621.3144 or 1.877.862.1234, x3144

  • General information
  • Academic policy and procedural information
  • Academic forgiveness or grade appeals
  • Certificates
  • High school aspiration tuition waivers
Katie Ebert

Katie Ebert

Student Services Coordinator