214 Belfast Hall
Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 3:00
(207) 262-7756

The Writing Center supports students, faculty, and staff in the UMA community with their writing projects by offering one-to-one distance and in-person tutoring, classroom workshops and presentations, and context-specific writing resources.

Writing Center tutors are UMA students trained in providing feedback for writing projects across the UMA curriculum as well as for personal and professional writing.

Email consultation instructions

  • Send your writing project draft to bangorwritingcenter@maine.edu
  • Include the course name and number and the written assignment
  • Receive feedback on your work within 2 business days.

Google Hangouts are available to discuss your writing projects with a tutor in a synchronous online format. Call us to schedule a session.

Faculty interested in finding out how the Writing Center can support student writing in their courses or programs should contact Gillian Jordan at gillian@maine.edu.