Mission Statement

The Arts & Acquisitions Committee is charged with the following stewardship responsibilities:

  • Reviewing new art and related works offered to the University for its permanent collection
  • Reviewing condition of current artworks and making recommendations about proper care
  • Overseeing placement of art throughout the campuses
  • Overseeing relocation or removal of artwork from the collection
  • Advocating for proper maintenance and upkeep of the collection

Recent Acquisitions

The UMA Art Collection continues to grow through purchases and donations. These are our most recent acquisitions.

Recent projects

Restoration of works in the collection

The Arts & Acquisitions committee recently oversaw the restoration of five outdoor sculptures and one indoor work on UMA’s Augusta campus.

  • Sasson Soffer, Untitled, 1983 (restored in 2021)
  • Sasson Soffer, Periwinkle, 1983 (restored in 2021)
  • Ronald (Ron) Cross, Earthbound, 1974 (restored 2022)
  • Michael Warrick, Untitled, 1984 (restored 2022)
  • John Ruppert, Toll for Peace, 1982 (restored 2022)
  • Roland Perkins, Game of Life