At UMA, degree programs are administered by one of two academic colleges: the College of Arts & Sciences or the College of Professional Studies. Explore the colleges below for more information.

College of Arts & Sciences

What the Arts and Sciences have to say to our society has never been more significant than it is today. First and foremost, the College of Arts and Sciences is a student centered academic unit. We are proud of our high caliber students who show great intellectual and creative promise as well as strong character. Talented, dedicated, and readily available faculty members teach because they love their profession and students.

The College of Arts and Sciences emphasizes the concept of community and the individual’s place in it. We encourage each student to understand his or her role in creating the greater UMA community and making it an environment conducive to learning. As part of this process students find themselves in learning situations that ask them to hone their critical thinking and personal communication skills. In our college faculty, staff, and academic programs work together to help our students to realize their promise, to reach their intellectual, aesthetic, social, and moral potential: to become educated citizens of the 21st century.

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences:

Pamela MacRae
Jewett Hall, Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3255

Administrative Specialists:

Charlotte MacDonald
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3286

Leeann Trask
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3272

College Offices:

Augusta Campus
152 Jewett Hall
Phone: (207) 621-3286
Fax: (207) 621-3293

Bangor Campus
121 Belfast Hall
Phone: (207) 262-7750
Fax: (207) 262-7751

Fine & Performing Arts: (207) 621-3274
Jewett Hall Gallery: (207) 621-3243
TTY/TDD Phone: (207) 621-3107 or 1-800-316-3600 (in Maine)

College of Professional Studies

We have over 100 highly qualified full-time and adjunct professors, teaching in twelve professional programs and one department (Mathematics). Our professional programs are well-known, and our graduates leave UMA as highly marketable and skilled professionals.

Whether your interests lie in the field of healthcare, government, or industry, we may have a program that suits you well! Explore our pages and please call us if you should have questions.

Associate Provost & Dean of Professional Studies:

Brenda McAleer, Ph.D.
Jewett Hall, Augusta Campus
(207) 621-3483

Academic Associate:

Terry Lawson
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3288

Administrative Specialists:

Laurie Breton
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3275

Julie Millay
Bangor Campus, (207) 262-7950

Melanie Aubuchon
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3360

Alexis Bourne
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3482)

Cybersecurity Program:

Michele Weymouth
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3006

Dental Health Program:

Torrie Tardiff
Bangor Campus, (207) 262-7870

Nursing Program:

Julie Ann Guimond
Augusta Campus, (207) 621-3297

College Offices:

Augusta Campus
140 Jewett Hall
Phone: 1-877-UMA-1234 ext. 3288 (in Maine)
Fax: (207) 621-3293

Bangor Campus
121 Camden Hall
Phone: (207) 262-7850
Fax: (207) 262-7851