Early College Pathways to Maine Careers

Jump start your college education with purpose and direction using UMA’s Pathways & Certificate programs. Earn a valuable credential while still in high school and apply those credits directly into your degree program after you enroll at UMA.

Manned and unmanned Aviation Studies at UMA delivers a program of study for students who aspire to be pilots. Remotely piloted aircraft students also learn how to design, build, and maintain both fixed wing and quadcopter aircraft. They design systems with video and telemetry equipment and learn how to fly commercial missions.

With the growing demand for commercial manned and unmanned pilots, the future for graduates of UMA’s Aviation programs soars to new heights.

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Junior Year

Semester Course Credits Cost* Notes
Fall UAS210 Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft 4
  • Tuition covered by DOE Aspirations waiver.
  • Fees are waived.
  • Textbooks are open source.
Optional fee FAA Remote Pilot Certificate – $160
Spring UAS110 Introduction to Aviation 3
  • Tuition covered by DOE Aspirations waiver.
  • Fees are waived.
  • Textbooks are open source.


Senior Year

Semester Course Credits Cost* Notes
Fall AVI141 Private Pilot Ground School 4
  • Tuition covered by DOE Aspirations waiver.
  • Fee will be covered for all students in 2021, typically $450.
  • Book and online materials are covered in the fee.
Online content requires access 1 week prior to classes starting. (means last minute applications will be harder to accommodate)
Spring AVI141 Continued & Special Topics Course (Simulator Flying) 3
  • Tuition covered by DOE Aspirations waiver.
  • $35 course fee Jeppeson – guided flight discovery online content.
  • Textbooks are carried forward from AVI141 in Fall and open source.
  • FAA Private Pilot Test – $160
  • Travel time to UMA Augusta campus for simulator time.
Simulator time can be scheduled for the weekend in 2 sessions. Students will need to complete hours.

*Coverage under DOE Aspirations waiver assumes the student has not already met their 12 credit cap for the year.

french professor lecturing to classroom of students

Certificate Requirements (20 credit hours):

  • FRE 101 Introduction to French I ( 4)
  • FRE 102 Introduction to French II (4)
  • FRE 203 Intermediate French I ( 4)
  • FRE 203 Intermediate French II (4)
  •  Complete 4 credits of the following literature, culture or language electives (4):
    • ENG 340 Francophone Literature (3)
    • HUM 350W Franco-Americans: Cultural Identity in Context (3)
    • FRE 202 Intermediate French Immersion Travel course: Blueberry Cove by the Sea (3) Contact the instructor for availability and specific dates for travel.
    • FRE 305 Language and Culture of the Francophone World I (4)
    • FRE 394 Independent Study (possible apprenticeship in the Maine French Heritage Language Program or other course of study) (1-3)

UMA Certificate Requirements: Minimum 50% of the required courses taken through UMA, and minimum 2.00 G.P.A. in the Certificate.

Justice Studies at UMA delivers a program of study for students who aspire to learn the principles of the criminal justice professions and the practice of law. Coursework in the Foundations of Criminal Justice begins the journey of understanding our justice and legal systems in the United States. UMA faculty will lead the learner toward the critical courses that reside at the core of our democracy.

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Are you interested in a career serving others? Are you thinking about a career in the fields of counseling, social work, psychology or substance abuse treatment? The UMA Mental Health and Human Services Program has created a 12 credit pathway for you to learn more about the field of mental health, social sciences, substance use treatment and human services.

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UMA’s Nursing Program prepares students for professional nursing positions in a variety of health care settings. Students earn a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing that prepares them for the nursing licensing exam. The UMA Nursing Program also focuses on wellness, self-care, and holistic nursing practice. Upon graduation, nursing students are also eligible for the Holistic Nursing Certification exam.

Interested students should familiarize themselves with nursing admissions requirements.

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