Summer 2020 Applications due May 11th. Fall 2020 Applications due August 24th.

As of March 23, 2020, all classes taking place on campus or at a UMA Center will be transitioned to an online or distance modality. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about how the class will continue to run for the remainder of the semester. In the event that on-campus offices and services shut down due to COVID-19, our office will operate remotely. We will have access to our emails and any voicemails that come through during that time. Please leave us a message via email or voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

student and teacher in airplane

Early College Pathways to Maine Careers

Jump start your college education with purpose and direction using UMA’s Pathways & Certificate programs. Earn a valuable credential while still in high school and apply those credits directly into your degree program after you enroll at UMA.

student controlling virtual model airplane on screen, with professor standing byThe UAS operations focused curriculum provides the student with the skills and knowledge to be successful as a UAS pilot and operator.  (These courses can be applied to the Advanced Certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations.)

UAS 210 Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (4 cr)

This is an introductory course in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). This course will provide the student with the information to pass the FAA knowledge test to become an FAA certified Remote Pilot and will serve as an introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Undergraduate Certificate.

Cost: Tuition covered through the High School Aspirations program. Textbooks used are free government publications available online. Students are responsible for minimal course fees. Note: There is an additional non-course related fee (currently $150) should students (16 years or older) wish to sit for test for the FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft (sUAS) Remote Pilot certificate.

UAS 220 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Design, Assembly, and Maintenance (4 cr)

This course in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) introduces students to the design, assembly, and maintenance of UASs. Content includes assembly of airframe, power plant, autopilot, ground control stations, payloads, and mission analysis. Course also includes a lab. Students fly both fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft they have assembled. Prerequisite: UAS 210.

Cost: Tuition covered through High School Aspirations program. Students responsible for $500 materials fee which includes course textbook. These fees cover cost of a quadcopter and controller that students will build, fly and take home.

two dental students practicing on fake mouthUMA’s Bangor-based dental assisting program is the only accredited dental assisting program in Maine. Following this pathway allows students to enter the program in the second year. Students must maintain a qualified GPA to be eligible and must still apply for the competitive review.

  • Junior Year Fall (6 Credits):
    • CIS 100 Intro to computing (3)
    • ENG 101 English (3)
  • Junior Year Spring (7 Credits)
    • Human Biology (4)
    • COM 101 or 102 Communications (3)
  • Senior Year Fall (6 Credits)
    • DEA 102 Biodental Sciences I (3)
    • BIO 104 Human Nutrition (3)
  • Senior Year Spring (6 Credits)
    • DEA 154 Biodental Sciences II (3)
    • PSY 100 Psychology (3)
  • Summer Session (9 credits) To be completed summer after high school graduation. 
    • MAT 100 Math (3)
    • Humanities (3)
    • Elective (3)

student and professor working on computerLevel I Requirements (12 credit hours):

  • CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Science (3)
  • CIS 110 Programing Fundamentals (3)
  • CIS 240 Networking Concepts (3)
  • ISS 210 Introduction to Information Security (3)

Level II Requirements (12 credit hours):
Prerequisite: Level 1 Certificate

  • CIS 120 Introduction to Data Structures
  • CIS 131 Web Applications and Development (3)
  • CIS 150 Introduction to Data Science (3)
  • CIS 221 Linux

UMA Certificate Requirements: Minimum 50% of the required courses taken through UMA, and minimum 2.00 G.P.A. in the Certificate.

french professor lecturing to classroom of students

Certificate Requirements (20 credit hours):

  • FRE 101 Introduction to French I ( 4)
  • FRE 102 Introduction to French II (4)
  • FRE 203 Intermediate French I ( 4)
  • FRE 203 Intermediate French II (4)
  •  Complete 4 credits of the following literature, culture or language electives (4):
    • ENG 340 Francophone Literature (3)
    • HUM 350W Franco-Americans: Cultural Identity in Context (3)
    • FRE 202 Intermediate French Immersion Travel course: Blueberry Cove by the Sea (3) Contact the instructor for availability and specific dates for travel.
    • FRE 305 Language and Culture of the Francophone World I (4)
    • FRE 394 Independent Study (possible apprenticeship in the Maine French Heritage Language Program or other course of study) (1-3)

UMA Certificate Requirements: Minimum 50% of the required courses taken through UMA, and minimum 2.00 G.P.A. in the Certificate.