This pathway aligns with UMA’s Engineering Pathways Program, which prepares students to transfer to either the University of Maine or the University of Southern Maine to finish their degree in one of the many Engineering disciplines that are offered, including, but not limited to, Electrical, Civil, Biomedical, and Construction. Engineering is a high demand career field, with generous compensation. Students interested in honing and harnessing their skills in technical knowledge, attention to detail, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership will enjoy exploring this pathway.

  • MEP 100: Introduction to Engineering
  • MAT 124: Pre-Calculus
  • ENG 101: College Writing
  • MAT 125: Calculus I
  • CHY 115: General Chemistry I
  • PHY 121: Physics for Engineers & Scientists I (UMM course)
  • General Elective: (see UM or USM for options that transfer into the desired program appropriately)

Related Majors and Certificates:

UMA’s Maine Engineering Pathways program is designed to ready students for transfer into one of the engineering concentration programs at UM or USM.  UMA’s program is preparatory in nature and is intended to increase student readiness and success in their future engineering programs by building up foundational knowledge and skill sets at the beginning of their post-secondary journey.

Related Careers:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer