Designed to align with UMA’s Veterinary Technology (VT) programs, this Early College pathway  offers high school students the opportunity to prepare for a program for which there is a strong need in the workforce. UMA’s VT program, located on the Bangor campus, is the first and only program in Maine to offer both associates and bachelors degrees in this field.  As indispensable members of the veterinary medical team, Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVTs) provide everything from client education to assisting the veterinarian with surgery. UMA’s VT program gives graduates a competitive edge especially if there is interest in managing a veterinary business, working in research, or continuing on to vet school. Our program is designed to provide extensive training in theory and principles, hands-on technical skills, and laboratory experience to prepare you for this exciting field. 

  • VTE 100: Introduction to Veterinary Technology
  • MAT 111: Algebra II
  • ENG 101: College Writing
  • COM 101: Public Speaking or COM 102: Interpersonal Communication
  • CIS 100: Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Pick One:
    • Fine Arts Elective
    • Humanities Elective
    • Social Science Elective
  • Biology
    • BIO 110: General Biology I
  • Small Business
    • BUA 100: Introduction to Business
    • BUA 101: Survey of Accounting
  • Self-Directed
    • Any 100-level elective

Related Majors and Certificates:

  • Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology
    • Concentrations: Biology, Business, Small Business, and Self-Directed

Related Careers:

  • Veterinary Technician
  • Small Animals Medicine / Emergency
  • Medicine Animal Nutritionist
  • Veterinary Educator
  • Veterinary Practice Management